April 17, 2008

Apple Loops Utility Wipes Out MIDI Data In Green Apple Loops  [ Edit ] 

The Apple Loops Utility is the tool used for editing Apple Loops. You can use it to edit the transient markers in audio Apple Loops, and other metadata like key, time signature, authoring information, and so on.

As of version 2.0.1 of the utility, though, I recommend not using it to edit your green Apple Loops. I tried doing this tonight while trying to sort out how portable green loops are to other setups (more on that in a few days, I expect), and after I had saved the changes, I found that the loops no longer were usable on audio instrument tracks. The MIDI portion of the file was wiped out.

The loops are still usable as the regular, blue, audio kind, but they can no longer be used on audio instrument tracks. I’ve seen no mention of this limitation online so far, but I’ll keep looking and see if there’s something I’m missing, or any kind of workaround available. Meantime, I’ve sent feedback to Apple.

Update 4/23/2008: It turns out that Loop Editor from Audiofile Engineering can safely edit green apple loops. You can edit the metadata, and presumably do other edits to the rendered audio portion of the file, and the MIDI and channel strip data will be left alone. To make sure these edits are safe, confirm that “Retain unrecognized data” is checked in the preferences. I’m pretty sure this is checked by default, but you’ll want to confirm that. Loop Editor has free and paid features — the metadata editing features are in the paid feature set, running $50.

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