November 7, 2004

Dealing with Recorded Audio Files in Logic  [ Edit ] 

The first several times I recorded music with Logic, I would get confounded trying to remember how to set the maximum recording time. For the record, that setting is found in the Audio menu:

Audio > Set Audio Record Path...

There is another setting that I didn’t know about before I read this thread on Under Logic’s default settings, every audio file you create will be named based on the very first thing you record. In other words, if you record a guitar track, saved as “Untitled Audio”, your first take’s filename will be “Untitled Audio#01”, the second will be “Untitled Audio#02”, and so on.

With “Use Audio Object Name For File Name” checked, your recording files will use the name of the track. If you first track is name “Guitar”, the first recording will be “Guitar#01”. Switch to a different track, named “Drums”, and that recording file will be “Drums#01”.

One gotcha is that you will still be prompted for a file name the first time you record-enable your first track. If “Use Audio Object Name For File Name” is turned on, the recording name you choose will be ignored. The only purpose of that dialog is to choose where your audio will be saved. I wonder if this small bug has been fixed in Logic Express 7. When I pick it up, I’ll find out.

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