August 3, 2004

EVP73 and EXSP24 Outside Of Logic  [ Edit ] 

Emagic bundles a few plugins with their Big Box, now Logic Express, that make it a fun package. One is the EVP73, which is a Fender Rhodes keyboard emulator. The other is a sample-player, or ROMpler, called the EXSP24. Until today, you could only use these instruments in Logic.

However, they were just updated. Download the updates and install them, and you’ll be able to use the instruments in your Audio Unit host of choice, including Rax, Live 4, Digital Performer, and more.

I had two problems before I could use them, both with easy fixes.

  1. I keep all my Audio Units in my home directory (/Users/myname/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/). I just like doing that, and I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Mac OS X is a little friendlier to plugins installed there. I don’t have a reference for that. In any case, the updater requires that the plugins be installed in the system-level library (/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/). It doesn’t say that in so many words — just that you should reinstall from the CD. If you get that message, you probably just need to move the old plugins to the right place.

  2. The EXSP24 isn’t as smart as its big brother, the EXS24 (there’s no P in it — let’s keep it that way) when it comes to finding sampler instruments. You need to have a folder called Sampler Instruments in /Library/Application Support/Emagic/ for the EXSP24 to search. That folder can be an alias to another location of your choosing, but that’s the only place the EXSP24 will look. I created the alias, and all was well.

I’m glad Emagic took the trouble to update these things. It would have been easy enough to just leave them behind and concentrate entirely on Logic Pro.

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