October 18, 2006

ITQ For You, Girlyman For Me, Friends For Heroes For Free  [ Edit ] 

In November of 2005, a band I was in went into a small studio in Chicago with the intention of recording a demo, maybe four or five tunes. At the end of five hours, we had 11 or 12 takes of tunes, of which we kept nine. I took the audio files home and finished it off into a CD which is available now. You can download full-length MP3s of the entire thing for free. If you like it, you’re welcome and encouraged to buy a CD or make a donation, all of which is doable on that site. I already wrote about the overly-laborious process I used to fix some glitches in the audio files, but I expect to write a little bit more about the process before too long. Meantime, take a listen.

In late September of 2006, just a couple weeks ago, I was in New York with Girlyman, a really good folk-pop trio I’ve known for years now, but never worked with. They’re working on their new album for release early next year, and asked me to play drums with them. I went out there, and we recorded basic tracks (guitar, bass, drums, percussion) and a bunch of percussion overdubs for 14 songs in two days. It was very productive, and I think the results are going to be excellent. Girlyman worked with bluegrass string player and producer Bob Harris for the third time, and I could see why. He has a very comfortable-feeling basement studio, a good ear, and a great personality. He knows when things are going right, when they’re going not-quite-right, and how to get a good performance out of you without making you feel like a jerk. I can’t wait to hear this one, but in the meantime I can be secure in the knowledge that I am an honorary Girlyman.

Finally, one of my favorite CDs of 2004, Years In A Costume by Friends For Heroes, is now available in its entirety from their website. You should go get it, it’s really good electro-pop made by a team of two (with some help from one more). It’s the record I was listening to that helped make up my mind to get into recording at home.

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