November 18, 2007

Logic 8 Arrives  [ Edit ] 

Logic Studio has landed at my home. Apple apparently listened to the folks who wanted Logic Express to feature all of the editing capabilities of Pro, which is great. I’m now a Logic Pro user myself, so I’m having fun with Space Designer, but I think Logic Express is a tremendous value now, even more than it was in version 7, and that was quite good.

I’m largely pleased with what I’m seeing so far, having picked up a couple of small demo projects that I hadn’t finished yet in 7 and worked with them in 8. It is, however, very overwhelming coming from the older versions of Express. Every menu is a lot longer, there are a lot more plugins and instruments, nearly every plugin’s user interface has more buttons and knobs to sort out and learn. For now, I say thank goodness for presets.

The one thing that has stuck out to me and is driving me bananas: local menus can’t be scrubbed anymore. This was the case in version 6, was fixed in version 7, and is now back to the old behavior in 8. By not scrubbable, I mean that I can’t click one local menu and zip across to another one. I have to click the new menu, so an extra click is required. This isn’t how real menus work, and I’m submitting feedback to Apple about it.

I haven’t even touched MainStage or Soundtrack Pro yet. As I say, it’s overwhelming, almost like starting over from scratch. I also can’t wait to use Ultrabeat some more.

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