April 6, 2008

Logic Gotchas: Marquee Tool and Autopunch with Cycle Recording  [ Edit ] 

I’m not the world’s most thorough user of Logic by any means, so I don’t run into a lot of bugs or what I consider strange behaviors. I do have a couple I’ve found recently.

First, a small matter related to using the marquee tool (the one that looks like a plus sign or cross). I was trying to make a copy of part of an audio region with the marquee tool, following something I saw in an Apple video for Logic 7. What I had read was that you can option-drag a selection to copy that section as a new region, but it wasn’t working. To make this work, you have to switch back to the Pointer tool before option-dragging. This is true for any operation on a selection — the marquee tool will only change the area of selection, not the contents thereof. This makes sense given the way other applications work, but it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the video I watched, or in the manual.

Second, a bug (known issue, I suppose, more accurately) related to recording using the autopunch feature and cycle mode. Autopunch is Logic’s way of predefining where you want to do a “punch-in” or overdub, a section you want to re-record in a larger performance. The manual states that you can enabled autopunch and cycle mode at the same time to let Logic loop over, say, bars 4 through 10, but only record during bars 5 through 8. This is what that setup looks like in Logic’s time ruler:

Screenshot showing cycle locators and autopunch locators enabled

To enable Autopunch, you can option-click the time ruler, click its button in the Transport. Either way, you’ll see the red region appear. If you only want to re-record a section of audio once, it works fine. The problem is this: it only works once. If you want to use cycle recording in combination with autopunch, you’re out of luck after the first pass. When the cycle ends, playback will continue from the start of the cycle region, but recording will be disabled. You just have to do it again manually. This is a known issue documented on Apple’s website, but I still filed feedback.

By the way, cycle recording with autopunch works fine for MIDI recording, it just doesn’t work for audio.

The workaround for this issue is just to use regular cycle recording, which does work as advertised. You’ll potentially end up with extra audio at the beginning and end of the region, which is a bummer, but if you need to redo a section over and over, it’s the way that will work.

Posted by Joe

Hi, just came across this blog entry when I searched for this exact issue that I've been running into in Logic 8 as well. It's a real bummer, because, in my opinion, this is a fairly vital operation for a DAW to perform. And while plain Cycle Record works, having the ability to set a pre-roll for multiple pass recording is incredibly useful.

I checked the "known issue" page and it says it was last updated in 2005. Any thoughts on why the issue has been know for about 4 years now and not addressed?

Anywho, good post. Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Joey at January 19, 2009 11:21 PM

Hey Joey, I really wish I knew what the deal was. There must be some kind of esoteric reason it's not fixed yet, but I don't know what it could be. I hope it's fixed in the next update, whenever that arrives.

Posted by: Joe Chellman at January 20, 2009 5:27 PM

here in july 2009
this cyclebug is stil here in logic pro 8
+ the new Reason on intel Mac + fireface
sad to say.........makes it
impossibly to make music

Posted by: casper at July 22, 2009 7:06 PM
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