January 15, 2004

Logic Pro  [ Edit ] 

What was known as the Logic Big Box, that software I bought, is now known as Logic Express. And Platinum is now known as Logic Pro. Apple just issued the press release this morning.

Pro costs $999, and you get all the synths, all the effects, and the cool reverb plugin Space Designer. Logic Express will run $299, which is the old retail price of the Big Box. They’re supposed to be available in March. With GarageBand (available tomorrow), Apple is pretty sure it has all people covered. They may be right.

I’m interested to hear about upgrade options, as are all my fellow Logic nerds. But considering today is the first day of The NAMM show in LA, and it hasn’t even really started yet, details are unknown.

The price tag is really steep for me, but I am pleased that Apple has done this. I always hated the idea of having to buy all the extra instruments and plugins separately after buying the expensive sequencer by itself (Logic Platinum, which was $700 by itself previously). I’m dismayed, though, to see Logic Gold disappear, since it was the cheaper upgrade, and it appeared to have everything I needed.

But, like I said, we’ll wait and see what happens. I’ll post more comments when I’ve seen more details. To think of the whole product line now available for less than a thousand bucks makes me drool.

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