January 7, 2004

Markers in Logic Audio  [ Edit ] 

Logic Audio lacks many of the features of its bigger brothers Logic Gold and Logic Platinum. Leaving aside the naming confusion (for years Platinum was called Logic Audio, so now when someone says Logic Audio, it’s ambiguous), finding out the differences between the products is a bit challenging. If it’s not covered in emagic’s comparison chart, you’re on your own figuring it out.

Markers are a feature that is undocumented for Logic Audio, but in fact does exist. Markers are used, in theory, to label parts of a song that you want to revisit frequently. They may be named things like “Verse 1” or “Drums Entrance” or whatever. It’s not a big, big thing, but useful nonetheless.

There are two strategies I’ve found for marking up your track in Logic Audio 6. One is regular markers, the other is more like what I’ve done in Flash, using a separate track for markers.

To create regular markers, Command-Click the bottom third of the ruler at the top of the Arrange window (below the dotted line). You’ll be prompted for the name of the marker, as shown here:

Logic marker, with option to rename

After you have this marker, you can Command-Click its name to place Logic’s SPL (song position line, or playback position) at the marker. Command-Option-Click the marker to rename it.

Logic Platinum includes a Marker Window that lets you do things with markers. I don’t know what those things are, but presumably it helps make life with markers easier. As it is, I don’t find this to be all that useful.

A strategy mentioned in the Omega Art Logic FAQ is to create a No Output track and make empty sequences the length of the section you want to mark, and use those instead of Logic’s internal markers. I ended up doing this on my own. It feels unelegant to me (users of Flash may think of the Actions and Labels track you used to have to make — maybe you still do), but it works better than the crippled regular Markers. You can rename the No Output track by Option-Doubleclicking its name in the track list.

Here’s why this technique is better for Logic Audio users. You can change the color of sequences, not so with markers. You can use “Set Locators By Object” (in the Arrange window’s Audio>Functions menu) to loop a section. And once you’ve done that, you can use the key commands “Goto Right Locator” and “Goto Left Locator” to place the SPL at the beginning or end of the section.

One thing I also wanted to know is how I could make Logic center the view of a window on the SPL (Answer: Turn on Catch Clock Position, the little walking man icon. Or press V on the keyboard). While sorting that out, I found that you can select a marker in your No Output track, hit the left and right arrow keys, and you will select your fake markers in sequence, shown in the Arrange window:

Arrange window screenshot, showing the marker name

Press Shift-V (Scroll To Selection in the Arrange window’s View Menu), and your sequence will be shown.

I’m asking other people who know more about Logic if there’s something I’m missing, but I think this covers everything I’ve wanted from markers.

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