September 28, 2003

More On Rewire  [ Edit ] 

I decided to try setting up Rewire and playing Reason’s instruments through Logic. It’s pretty easy to do, as long as your setup is okay. As I said before, the important first step is to launch Logic, then Reason. Reason will figure out that it needs to be in Rewire slave mode, and you’ll be good to go.

I hit a small snag trying to set this up. I had moved Reason from one hard drive to another, and it apparently broke Rewire. If you do that (and you’re running Mac OS X), look in your /Library/Application Support/ folder for an alias to your Reason Engine. You’ll also see two real files: Rewire and REX Shared Library. If Rewire isn’t working, it may be that your Reason Engine alias is bad. Just quit Reason and Logic, delete the bad one, and make a new alias from the new location. Relaunch Logic, relaunch Reason, and it should be fine. It worked for me.

Moving on, to play Reason instruments with Logic:

  1. Open the Environment, and make Rewire objects (New > Internal > Rewire) on whatever layer you want. You should probably make a new layer and call it Rewire or whatever, but you don’t have to. Make one Rewire object for each Reason instrument you want to control (these instruments have to be setup in your Reason song to show up in Rewire).
  2. Set the Channel for each one to the instrument it will play (their names will show up there in Logic 6). If you have more than 16 objects in your Reason rack, you might need to change the MIDI bus setting on some of your Rewire objects. The first 16 Rewire objects show up on MIDI bus 6 (the default), the next 16 on bus 7, and so on.
  3. Set Logic’s Rewire behavior to Live. Find that in the Audio Hardware and Drivers preferences. When set to Live mode, Logic uses your CPU more to keep latency down (which means the instrument sounds right when you hit your key, instead of a few milliseconds later).

That’s it. Now you can play Reason instruments with Logic effects applied.

Most of this is explained in the aforementioned Rewire Help from Propellerheads.

Posted by Joe | TrackBack

when rewire reason and logic, i encouter a problem
[i can't looping a dr.rex loop ]
i don't know why...

can you help me~


Posted by: luckystrike.go at September 15, 2006 1:22 AM

Hi Kate,

I have done very little with Rewire since I first tinkered with it. I know that Logic's transport and cycle functions are linked with Reason's, and if you have Dr Rex loops in Reason, and they playback when Reason runs by itself, they should work.

You could try dumping your Recycle loops right into Logic. You don't mention what version of anything you're using, but Logic does support Recycle loops, so that might help you get around the problem.

Posted by: Joe at September 15, 2006 10:25 PM

when rewireing logic and reason i encounterr a delay in my midi controle

Posted by: sidetrack at November 17, 2007 9:37 PM
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