April 9, 2007

Toy Sun’s Logic Videos  [ Edit ] 

I’m watching a teaching session on beatmaking by Toy Sun (aka John Silverman) right now. It’s in 4 parts, and is a pretty hefty download, but it’s been very informative. He has a lot of interesting suggestions for how to mess with beats. The talk deals a lot with Ultrabeat, which I don’t have in Logic Express, but also covers things I do have, like the Hyper Editor, and more. I got halfway through the second video before I had to post this, because it’s really very good. Thanks, John!

Two specific things I’ve learned so far that are immediately useful (and probably in the manual, which I’ve looked at several times, but never read fully):

  1. You can time-stretch or compress any MIDI region in Logic 7 by option-dragging its right border. Without a modifier key, you just make the region longer without changing the content. Time-stretching means the content of the region will be stretched to fit the time you choose. Try it! (In Logic 8, this also works on audio regions.)

  2. The Hyper Editor can be used to edit beat sequences in a fun way, but it takes a little bit of preparation. Choose your existing sequence in the Arrange window, which you’ve programmed in the Matrix Editor if you’re me, and open the Hyper Editor. In the Hyper menu, choose Clear Hyper Set. Then choose Multi Create Event Definition, and click All in the dialog that appears. At this point, you’ll have one line for each of your instruments in the beat sequence (kick, snare, hand clap, and so on), and you can edit them as you would in a conventional drum machine. This is slick for at least two reasons. One, it’s really easy to edit velocities of your notes in the Hyper Editor, especially if you want to do sweeps up and down in volume. Two, you can set independent grids for each of the instruments. You can program your bass drum on a quarter note grid and your snare on a sixteenth note grid, for a simple example.

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