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Craig's Movie List - Letter All

TitleGenreCountryContributed ByCommentsRank
12 Monkeys Drama Sci-Fi Thriller usa Alexis Rosoff Others
   Jon Wondrack Others
   Luis Alcala Others
1984 Drama Sci-Fi uk Tony Monacelli Top 20
   Mark Kishiyama Top 20
2001: A Space Odyssey Adventure Sci-fi uk usa J.C. Ducom Top 10
   David Bressler Top 10
   Tony Monacelli Top 20
   Rob HaskinsMy favorite character is Hal . . .Others
21 grams Rich Jackson Others
23 Drama Thriller Germany Nicole David Others
24 Hour Party People Biography Comedy Drama Music Uk Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
3 Women Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 10
3-Iron Drama Romance Japan Southkorea Rich JacksonA very unique unconventional romantic Korean movie by the director of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Highly recommendedTop 20
37°2 le matin Comedy Drama france Jim Magnuson Top 10
39 Steps, The Mystery Thriller uk Keith Irwin Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 20
400 Blows, The Crime Drama france Irina Solyanik Top 10
   Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
42: Forty Two Up (1998) (TV) Biography Documentary Uk Craig BrozinskyFrom age 7 to 49, the Up Series revisits the same people every seven years. You should watch 28, 35, 42, and 49 Up, but 42 stands out because of Michael Apted's incredible director's commentary.Others
8 1/2 Drama France Italy Rich Jackson Others
8MM Mystery Thriller germany usa Shawn Green Others
? ma soeur! Drama france italy spain Alexis RosoffNot my autobiography... (er, this page shows the original French title.. in English it was called Fat Girl). Top 10
A.I. Artificial Intelligence Drama Sci-Fi usa Lisa BigelowSo sad! Sniff! And so good.Others
Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Horror Mystery uk Rob HaskinsNotable for frequent scenes without dialogue accompanied by diagetic or non-diagetic music.Others
Accattone Drama italy Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Adaptation Comedy Crime Drama Romance usa Jerry CarltonA fantastic script. Very well directed. The ending is superb. Every writer should study this movie.Others
Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Adventure Comedy Fantasy germany uk westgermany Joe ChellmanThis is one of my favorite fantasy, legend, superhero type movies. Terry Gilliam directs.Top 10
   Jessica MayeSee Robin Williams as the Man in the Moon with a detachable head, among other Gilliam craziness.Others
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The Adventure Comedy Romance Sci-fi Usa Erik Johnson Top 10
Adventures of Sebastian Cole, The Comedy Drama Usa Colleen ParksDirected by Todd Williams.Others
African Queen, The Adventure Romance War uk usa Stephan Quessy Top 10
Aguirre: The Wrath of God Adventure Drama germany mexico peru Mark Murray Top 10
   Timothy KingHerzog & Kinski at their manic & visionary best. Stunningly shot in the Peruvian mountains & Amazon jungle. The closing sequence is one of my favorite images of all time.Top 10
Airplane! Comedy usa Lisa BigelowThe funniest movie known to mankind. Can be watched over and over.Others
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams Fantasy japan usa Charles Couchman Top 10
Alberto Express comedy france Sam Danthine Others
Alexandra's Project drama thriller australia bj?rn Top 10
Alexandre le bienheureux Comedy france Stephan Quessy Top 10
Aliens Action Horror Sci-Fi usa Jon Wondrack Others
All About My Mother Comedy Drama spain france Alexis Rosoff Top 10
   Marnie McKay Top 10
   Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Mikhail Masharov Top 20
All Quiet on the Western Front War usa Steve Jenkins Top 20
   Mark Kishiyama Top 20
All the Real Girls drama romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by David Gordon Green.Top 20
Almost Famous Comedy Drama Romance usa Koleen McCrink Others
Amadeus Crime Drama Musical usa Jerry CarltonBach, treachery, crazies. One of the best casts ever! A must see for lovers of period pieces.Others
Amarcord Comedy france italy Mike Landrum Top 10
Amelie Comedy Drama Romance France Germany Julie Heinrich Top 10
   Jerry CarltonPerfect Top 10
   Carolyn Top 10
   Craig Brozinsky Top 20
American Astronaut, The Comedy Music Musical Sci-fi Usa Ryan Ward Top 10
American Beauty Drama usa Jon Prince Top 20
   Lisa BigelowIn addition to everything else, it has an evocative score.Others
American Movie Documentary Usa Ellen Woodallexcellent, hilarious, poignant documentary about an amateur filmaker trying to produce his vision - a horror movie.Top 10
American Psycho Comedy Crime Drama Horror Thriller Canada Usa Chris EstesBecause it DOESN'T have a Dicaprio or De Niro or Meryl Streep. And who doesn't keep a head next to the sorbet?Top 10
Amistad Documentary Drama Horror War usa Jerry CarltonSteven's best film. Historically closer to home than Schindler's List. Well researched, accurate events. Not everyone endorsed slavery in the 18th & 19th century.Others
Amores Perros Drama Thriller mexico Luis Alcala Top 10
   Rich Jackson Others
An Everlasting Piece comedy usa Colleen ParksDirected by Barry Levinson. Good movie--not too heavy, not too light.Others
   Jessica MayeSilly story of two Irish barbers, and a political comentary on 1980s Ireland.Others
Angelic Conversation, The Other uk Rob HaskinsArtsy; great music by Coil and superb readings by Judi Dench.Top 10
Animal Crackers Comedy Usa Joel QuammeMarx Bros? 2nd film. Lots of famous quotes, many of which were ad libs. Hilarious in places, but a little uneven as a whole.Top 10
Anne of 1,000 Days Drama uk Danielle Ross Top 20
Antonia's Line Drama belgium netherlands uk Stephan QuessySocial drama with a hint of humorTop 10
   Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Apartment Zero Thriller uk argentina Dori SchachnerThis is one of my favorite movies ever...it's hard to categorize, I guess it's sort of a psychological thriller and sort of a black comedy. One of Colin Firth's earlier roles, he plays a wonderful neurotic film geek who doesn't know how to talk to other people. Really disturbing ending.Top 10
Apocalypse Now Action Drama War usa Mikhail MasharovViolent/VulgarOthers
   Christopher KamViolent/VulgarOthers
   Sam DanthineViolent/VulgarOthers
Apt Pupil Drama Thriller canada france usa Rob HaskinsRecommended for chemistry between Renfro and McKellen.Others
Aria Comedy Drama Music Uk Joel QuammeArtsy interpretations of musical excerpts from 10 operas. Some are better than others.Others
Arizona Dream Drama usa france Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Artemisia Drama france germany italy Dan Koo Top 10
Asterix et Cleopatre Animation belgium france Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Atanarjuat Adventure Documentary Drama Romance Other Canada Jerry CarltonAKA - Fast Runner - Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Hesse - No culture has produced a more poignant fable. A true masterpiece. Filmed on location by Native Americans with a passion. Inukitut with English subtitles.Others
Autumn Marathon Comedy sovietunion Irina Solyanik Top 20
Babe Adventure Comedy Family australia Jerry CarltonNot a wasted scene. Also - Babe in the CityTop 20
Babette's Feast Comedy Drama denmark Jessica MayeOne of the first in the genre of mystical food movies.Top 20
Bad Boy Bubby australia italy Alexis RosoffTalk about obscure--it wasn't even released in the US after it shocked distributors so much! (Pirate videos can be purchased on eBay.) Anyway, it\'s about a guy locked up for 35 years by his psychotic mother, who discovers the outside world...Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 20
Bad Taste Comedy Horror newzealand Alex PougetViolent/VulgarTop 10
Bagdad Cafe Comedy Drama westgermany Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Jerry CarltonJack Palance's best! If I am forced to pick one movie as my all-time favorite, this is it!Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
   Craig BrozinskyGood character piece.Others
Ballad of Narayama, The Drama japan Mike Landrum Top 10
Baraka Documentary usa Damon AndersonDirector was the cinematographer and writer of Koyaanisqatsi.Others
Barry Lyndon Drama Romance War uk J.C. Ducom Top 10
Baxter drama horror france Colleen ParksDirected by Jerome Boivin. You may never look at your dog in the same way again. Others
Beau travail Drama france Luis Alcala Top 20
Bedazzled Comedy Fantasy Uk Timothy KingThe 1967 version, of course. Peter Cook playing the Devil as trickster. Just delightful. Even Dudley Moore is enjoyable.Top 20
Before Night Falls Drama usa Luis Alcala Top 10
Before Sunrise Drama Romance Austria Switzerland Usa Craig BrozinskyA minimalist romance that does away with plot, and focuses purely on an evening spent between two strangers. The characters, and acting ability, matures in the sequel, so definitely rent both at the same time. Others
Before the Rain Drama uk france republicofmacedonia Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Being John Malkovich Comedy Fantasy usa Joe ChellmanMalcovich Malcovich... Malcovich Malcovich... Watch this and see how long it takes you to find Cameron Diaz.Others
Being There Comedy Drama usa Brian Magerko Others
   Craig Brozinsky Others
Bella Martha comedy romance drama italy germany austria switzerland Colleen ParksDirected by Sandra Nettlebeck. The US title is "Mostly Martha".Others
Belle de Jour Drama france italy Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Belle histoire, La Other france Stephan QuessyDramaTop 20
Bend It Like Beckham Lisa BigelowVery fun and touching, with beautiful people.Others
Bent drama war uk Colleen ParksDirected by Sean Mathias. Another soul-sucker.Others
Best in Show Comedy usa Koleen McCrink Top 10
   Joe ChellmanMore Christopher Guest goodness.Top 20
   Barbara ScogginsDog lovers will like the strange truths in this one.Top 20
Better Tomorrow II, A Crime Drama Thriller Hongkong Hongkong Erik Johnson Top 10
Bge d'or, L' Other france Rob HaskinsNo student of modernism can miss this important film.Top 10
Big Blue, The Drama Romance france usa italy Sophie Deneve Top 10
Big Chill, The Comedy Drama usa Irina Solyanik Others
Big Eden drama romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by Thomas Bezucha. Sweet story.Others
Big Kahuna, The Drama usa Mikhail Masharov Top 20
Big Lebowski, The Comedy Mystery Thriller Uk Usa Craig BrozinskyI didn't begin to appreciate this movie until I moved to California and started watching old film-noirs.Others
Big Night Drama usa Carla Hudson Top 10
   Danielle Ross Top 20
Big One, The Comedy Documentary uk usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Big Sleep, The Film-Noir Mystery usa Matthew Shebythe original, not the remakeTop 20
Big Tease, The Comedy uk usa Carla Hudson Top 10
Big Trouble In Little China Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Usa Hieronymous Maguire Others
Birdy Drama Other usa Jerry CarltonNick Cage, Mat Modine. Funny, sad, scary, thought provoking. Anti-war Viet Nam vets battle memories.Top 20
Bitter Moon Drama france uk Mark Kishiyama Top 20
Black Cat, White Cat Comedy Romance federalrepublicofyugoslavia france germany Sophie Deneve Top 10
   Mrim Boutla Top 20
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Black Cauldron, The Fantasy Animation Family usa Eric Charles Others
Black Robe Adventure Drama canada australia Charles Couchman Top 10
Blade Runner Action Drama Sci-Fi usa Christopher Kam Others
   Lisa BigelowI love dark urban near-future sci fi.Others
   Alexis RosoffI prefer the Director's Cut ending, but actually like the narration from the original. I also think it worked better with the ambiguousness over whether or not Deckard was a replicant, and think Ridley Scott should shut up over it. He didn't create the character or write the script.Others
Blazing Saddles Comedy Western usa Michael Brozinsky Others
Blind Chance Other poland Sophie Deneve Top 10
Blood and Roses Horror france italy Mark Kishiyama Others
Blood Simple Drama Thriller usa Rob HaskinsHaunting visuals, superb performances by McDormand, Getz, and Walsh. Top 10
   Brian Magerko Top 20
   Craig BrozinskyThe Coen brother\'s remarkable attention to detail made this movie one of my favorite moviegoing experiences. Others
   Rich JacksonThe Coen Brother's first feature film. If you liked Fargo you will like Blood Simple.Others
Blow Dry comedy usa uk germany John HawkinsA fun movie in roughly the same vein as Best In Show. More sincere than that would imply, however.Top 20
Blue in the Face Comedy usa Mrim Boutla Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Blue Velvet Drama Mystery usa Alex Pouget Top 10
BMX Bandits Action Adventure Crime Drama Family Australia Jerry CarltonNichole Kidman is so cute in this I can't stand it. I suggest all Kidman fans see BMX Bandits- Also, for the sexiest dance ever see The Human Stain, another pretty good sleeper. Others
Bob Roberts Comedy uk usa Charles Couchman Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 10
Bonnie and Clyde Crime Drama usa Shawn Green Top 10
Boot, Das Action Drama War westgermany Mark Kishiyama Top 10
   Joel QuammeGreat WW2 u-boat drama from a German perspective.Top 10
Born Romantic comedy uk Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Born Yesterday Comedy Drama Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Bottle Rocket Comedy Crime usa Tige Monacelli Top 10
   Wade Blackman Top 10
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
Bound Crime Thriller usa Jon Wondrack Top 10
   Scott VenturaFantastic noir thriller with great Joe Pantoliano performance. Plus skin!Top 10
   Rich JacksonErotic hitchcockian thriller starring Jennifer Tilly and Joe PantiolanoTop 10
Boys Don't Cry Drama usa Tige Monacelli Top 10
Brainstorm Sci-fi Thriller usa Rob HaskinsSolid cast, especially Wood, Fletcher, and Robertson.Top 20
Brazil Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi uk Brian Magerko Top 10
   Jason Proksch Top 10
   Timothy King Top 10
   Ryan WardGilliam at his best.Top 10
Bread and Roses drama uk france germany spain italy switzerland Colleen ParksDirected by Ken Loach.Top 10
Breaker Morant Drama War australia Steve JenkinsViolent/VulgarTop 10
Breakfast at Tiffany's Comedy Drama Romance usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Breaking Away Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Breaking the Waves Drama Romance denmark sweden france netherlands norway Erin Rhodes Top 10
   Mike Landrum Top 10
   Irina Solyanik Top 10
   Sam DanthineArtsyTop 10
   Ellen Silsby Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Lars von Trier. The second of his "Golden Heart" trilogy. This one belongs in the "suck-your-will-to-live" category.Others
Brick drama mystery usa Ryan Ward Top 10
Bridge on the River Kwai, The Drama War uk Matthew Sheby Top 10
   Joel QuammeOld war/adventure epic Others
   Jerry CarltonAnti-War classic.Others
Broken Silence Other switzerland Mrim BoutlaArtsyTop 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Brother of Sleep Drama germany Sophie Deneve Top 10
Bubba Ho-tep comedy horror mystery usa Mark BoslerBruce Campbell as Elvis teams with Ozzie Davis as JFK to fight a cowboy mummy in a retirement home.Top 10
Buffalo 66 Comedy Drama usa Brian Magerko Top 10
   Tige Monacelli Top 10
   Tony Monacelli Top 20
Bullit Action Crime Mystery usa Jon Prince Top 10
Bully drama thriller usa france Colleen ParksDirected by Larry Clark. Based on a true story.Top 10
Bulworth Comedy Drama Romance usa Charles Couchman Top 20
Burning Money Action Drama Thriller argentina france spain uruguay Luis Alcala Top 20
Burnt by The Sun Drama France Russia Gary Fairbanks Top 20
But I'm a Cheerleader Comedy Romance usa Brian MagerkoAmazing art direction in this odd story about a "heterosexual rehab" summer camp for teenage homosexuals.Top 20
   Colleen ParksDirected by Jamie Babbit.Top 20
Butcher Boy, The Comedy Drama Ireland Usa Colleen ParksDirected by Neil Jordan. Sinnead O'Conner has a cameo as the virgin Mary.Others
Butterflies Are Free Drama usa Eric Charles Top 20
Butterfly's Dream, The Other italy Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Drama Horror germany Mark Murray Top 10
Camille Claudel Drama france Sophie Deneve Top 20
Campanadas a medianoche Comedy Drama War France Spain Switzerland Ryan WardA must see for any fan of Shakespeare...Top 10
Caravaggio Drama uk Rob HaskinsArtsy (same sex erotic situations); Jarman\\\'s most painterly film, appropriately enough.Top 10
Carlos Saura's Tango Drama Musical spain argentina Luis Alcala Top 10
Carlos Saura's Carmen Drama Music Musical Spain Craig BrozinskyExquisitely filmed and directed by Carlos Saura, a Flamenco version of Carmen.Top 10
Carmen Drama Music France Italy Joel QuammeBizet's opera off-stage. Top 20
Carmen Jones Drama Music Musical Usa Joel QuammeCreative yet faithful adaptation of Bizet's Carmen to post-WW2 USA with an African-American cast.Others
Casablanca Drama Romance usa Carla Hudson Top 20
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Drama Usa Nicole Davidi love paul newmanOthers
Catch-22 Comedy Documentary Horror War usa Jerry CarltonTrue WWII events - The most accurate war film/novel ever!Top 10
Central Station Drama brazil france Gennaro Corcella Top 10
   Rich Jackson Others
Character Drama Belgium Netherlands Eric Charleslisted as Kharcter I thinkTop 20
Chasing Amy Comedy Drama Romance Usa Sam Danthine Top 20
Children of a Lesser God Drama usa Erin Rhodes Top 10
Children of Heaven Adventure Comedy Drama iran Dan Koo Top 10
Children of the Revolution Comedy Drama australia Carla Hudson Top 10
   Christopher Kam Top 10
Chinatown Crime Film-Noir Mystery usa Keith Schneider Top 10
   Erin Rhodes Others
Chocolat Drama Romance uk usa Mikhail Masharov Top 10
Chong qing sen lin Drama Mystery Romance Hongkong Hongkong Nicole Davidno commentsTop 10
   Timothy Kingknown in English as "Chungking Express", this is a filmic diptych, with two distinct (though related) sections. The first is a bit more adventurous, but the second half is an absolutely charming picture of a hidden crush. Quirky & funny, and deeply romantic.Top 10
Chuck and Buck Comedy Drama usa Tige MonacelliArtsyTop 10
Chung Hing sam lam Craig Brozinsky Others
Chungking Express Comedy Drama Mystery Romance Hongkong Hongkong Craig Brozinsky Top 20
Chutney Popcorn Comedy Drama usa Marie Copolla Top 10
Cinema Paradiso Drama Romance italy france Jason Proksch Top 10
   Wade Blackman Top 10
   Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Citizen Kane Drama usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
   Rich JacksonAll time classicTop 10
   Joel Quamme Others
City Lights Comedy Drama Romance usa Craig BrozinskyMy favorite Chaplin filmTop 10
City of God Crime Drama Thriller Brazil France Usa Ellen Woodall Top 10
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
City Of God Crime Drama Brazil France Usa Rich Jackson Others
City of Lost Children Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi france Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Joe ChellmanABC: artsy, beautiful, and creepy.Top 20
Clerks Comedy Drama usa Tony Monacelli Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 10
   Alexis RosoffSaw this in Nov. '94 so I can claim indie hip factor. This movie is a little too close to home for this Island girl, though!Top 20
Clockwork Orange, A Crime Drama Sci-Fi uk Alexis RosoffViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Mark Kishiyama Top 20
   Rob HaskinsGreat soundtrack including music by Wendy Carlos.Others
Close to Eden Drama france sovietunion Jessica MayeBeautiful scenery and incredible acting!Top 10
   Timothy King Top 20
Closet, The Comedy France CarolynI was in tears laughing throughout this one!Top 20
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Commitments, The Comedy Musical ireland uk usa Jerry CarltonIf you don't applaud this you are probably a Republican.Others
Company of Wolves, The Horror Fantasy uk usa Dori SchachnerThis movie tends to be listed as horror, but I'd describe it more as fantasy. A weird, dreamlike, story with a story about a girl's coming of age, with lots of interesting symbolism, and some great creepy wolf scenes.Top 10
Conan The Barbarian Action Adventure Fantasy Usa Hieronymous Maguire Others
Confessional, The Drama Mystery canada uk france Stephan QuessySocial dramaTop 10
Control Room documentary usa Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Conversation, The Crime Drama Mystery Thriller usa Keith Schneider Top 20
Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover, The Drama Horror france netherlands uk Carla Hudson Top 20
Cooler, The Comedy Drama Romance Usa Colleen ParksDirected by Wayne Kramer. Good movie--especially if you're a William H. Macy fan.Others
Courage Under Fire Drama Mystery War usa Jon Prince Others
Cries and Whispers Drama sweden Mike Landrum Top 10
   Jon Prince Top 20
Cronos Drama Horror Mexico Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Croupier Crime Drama france germany ireland uk Jim Magnuson Top 10
Crumb Biography Documentary Usa Rich JacksonBrilliant biography of Robert Crumb, cartoonist of Zap ComicsTop 20
Cyrano de Bergerac Drama Romance france Sophie Deneve Top 20
Dancer in the Dark Drama Musical denmark france germany netherlands sweden uk usa Brian MagerkoThe anti-musical. Take all the things you love about musicals and make them depressing. Bjork amazes as both an actress and singer.Top 10
Dark City Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller usa Matthew Sheby Top 10
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
Dark Crystal, The Adventure Family Fantasy usa uk Mrim Boutla Others
   Keith Irwin Others
   John HawkinsThis was a pretty major movie back in it's time, but if you haven't seen it as an adult, it's worth a second look.Others
Dark Side of the Heart, he Comedy Drama Romance argentina canada Luis Alcala Top 20
Dark Star Comedy Sci-Fi Thriller usa Jim Magnuson Top 10
Das Boot Action Drama War westgermany Cornelius Weber Top 10
   Jon Prince Top 10
Day of the Dead Drama Horror Sci-Fi usa Alex PougetViolent/VulgarTop 10
Daytrippers, The Comedy Drama Mystery usa Jessica MayeHilarious movie about a family that piles into the station wagon for a trip to the city. Great dialog!Top 20
Dazed and Confused Comedy usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Dead Alive Comedy Horror Romance newzealand Tony MonacelliViolent/VulgarTop 10
Dead Calm Thriller australia usa Jon Wondrack Top 10
Dead Man Western germany japan usa David HirschfieldArtsy and ViolentTop 10
   Joe ChellmanThis movie is very weird and pretty long, but well worth it if you're in the mood. Violence abounds, but it is a western after all.Top 20
Dead Ringers drama thriller horror canada usa Ellen Woodall Top 10
Decalogue Drama Poland Sophie Deneve Top 10
   Rich JacksonSeries of ten short movies based upon the Ten Commadments. A remarkable achievement in cinema. Polish with subtitles.Top 10
Decline of the American Empire, The Drama canada Stephan QuessySocial dramaTop 10
Deconstructing Harry Comedy usa Irina Solyanik Top 20
Deer Hunter, The Drama War usa Tony Monacelli Top 10
Delicatessen Comedy Drama Romance Sci-Fi france Mark Kishiyama Top 10
   Jessica MayeWords cannot describe. Just see it. Strange and hilarious. By the director of Amelie.Top 10
   Timothy KingIt's a tragedy that this isn't available! This is a crazed slice of brilliance; David Lynch, Terry Gilliam & JG Ballard all mixed together for a post-apocalyptic love story (with a cannibal subtext).Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyEver wonder what life would be like if you were a tenant living above a postapocalyptic deli?Top 20
Deliverance Adventure Drama Thriller Usa Joel QuammeCanoeing trip from hell. Virtually no effects and embellishments.Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 20
   Rob HaskinsSqueal like a pig . . . again.Top 20
Dellamorte Dellamore Horror france italy Damon AndersonStupid but funny.Others
Diaboliques, Les Horror Mystery Thriller France Joel QuammeA very well-done Hitchcock-style mysteryOthers
Diarios de motocicleta Adventure Documentary Other argentina germany usa westgermany Jerry CarltonTrue to the books.Others
Diary of a Country Priest Other france Mike Landrum Top 10
Dinner at Eight Comedy Drama Romance Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Dinner Game, The Comedy france Brian Magerko Top 10
   J.C. Ducom Top 10
   Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Joe ChellmanThis may be the perfect farce. Brilliantly executed and totally hilarious.Top 20
Dirty Pretty Things drama thriller uk Carolynthis will make you want to have a love affair with your kidneysTop 20
Dish, The Comedy australia Jessica MayeA small Australian town gets its shot at fame by helping NASA put a man on the moon. A feel-good movie.Others
Disturbing Behavior Horror Thriller australia usa Rob HaskinsOne of the greatest title sequences of recent years, with great music to match by Mark Snow.3Others
Divorzio all'italiana Comedy Italy Hieronymous Maguirea.k.a. Divorce, Italian StyleTop 10
Do The Right Thing Comedy Drama usa Keith Irwin Top 10
   Rich JacksonSpike Lee's best film set in Bedford Styvusant on one hot summer day. Danny Aiello nominated for best supporting Actor. Also starring John TurturroTop 20
Doctor Zhivago Drama Romance usa Tonya JacobsThe book is betterTop 10
Dog Who Stopped the War, The Adventure Family canada Stephan QuessyComedy suitable for young and old kidsTop 20
Dogfight Comedy Drama Romance usa Erin RhodesIndependent film (1991)Top 20
   Jason Proksch Top 20
Dogma Comedy usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Dogville drama thriller mystery denmark sweden france norway netherlands finland germany usa uk Sam Danthine Others
Dolemite Action usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Dolores Claiborne Drama Thriller usa Jason Proksch Others
   Rob HaskinsGreat soundtrack by Danny Elfman.Others
Don't Look Now Comedy france uk Charles Couchman Top 20
Donnie Darko Drama Fantasy Mystery Sci-fi Thriller Usa David Bressler Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Richard Kelly. Great movie.Others
Double Indemnity Crime Film-Noir Mystery usa Keith Schneider Top 10
Double Life of Veronique, The Drama Fantasy france poland norway Sophie Deneve Top 10
   Jessica MayeEver thought you had a doppelganger? Others
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Comedy Romance Usa Jerry CarltonA remake of 1930 film, 'Boudin Saved by Drowning' but very simular to a 1976 film called 'Something for Everyone'. Funny stuff and I don't like Dryfus!Others
Down by Law Comedy Drama Germany Usa Westgermany Westgermany Nicole DavidJim Jarmush. It's a really slow movie. with tom waits' music and Roberto Begnini as its best. Craig found it a little lame and too slow.Top 10
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Comedy Documentary Horror usa Jerry CarltonThere's a reason there are three Kubrick films on this list.Top 20
Dracula Horror usa Rob HaskinsRecommended for the new soundtrack by Philip Glass.Top 20
Drama of Jealousy Comedy Drama italy spain Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Dreamlife of Angels, The Drama France Mark Kishiyama Top 20
Drifting Clouds Comedy Drama finland Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Drop Dead Gorgeous Comedy germany usa Tige Monacelli Top 10
Drowning by Numbers comedy drama uk netherlands Timothy King Top 10
Drunken Master Action Comedy hongkong Inge-Marie Eigsti Top 10
Duck Soup Comedy Music Musical Usa Joel QuammeMarx Bros? 5th film and their funniest. Fast-paced and consistently hilarious throughout. Several brilliant scenes are still parodied regularly today. Top 10
Duel Action Drama Thriller usa Cornelius Weber Top 10
Duellists, The Action War uk J.C. Ducom Top 10
Dummy Comedy Drama Romance Usa Jessica MayeI love this movie!! The characters are so endearing! If you thought Brody was good in The Pianist, just wait till you see him as an amateur ventriloquist!Top 10
Dune Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Canada Czechrepublic Germany Italy Usa Mark Kishiyama Top 10
Dut yeung nin wa Drama Romance France Hongkong Hongkong Thailand Nicole Davidno commentsTop 10
East of Eden Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 10
Easy Rider Adventure Drama usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Eat Drink Man Woman Comedy Drama Romance taiwan Jessica MayeYour mouth will water. This movie employed professional chefs as stunt hands for the cooking scenes.Top 20
   Sam Danthine Top 20
   Timothy KingA wonderful family melodrama, but don't watch it on an empty stomach; seeing all the wonderful food would be pure torture.Top 20
Eating Drama Usa Jessica MayePseudo-documentary about women and food.Top 20
Educating Rita Comedy Drama Uk Barbara Scoggins Top 10
Edward Scissorhands Drama Fantasy Romance usa Lisa BigelowWhy are these movies so depressing, and yet so wondeful?!Others
Election Comedy usa Tige Monacelli Others
   Tony Monacelli Others
   Scott VenturaReese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick in the most realistic high school movie in memory.Others
Elephant Man, The Drama uk usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Elevator to the Gallows Crime Thriller france Alex Pouget Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyIntense look at the period following a seemingly perfect murder. Top 10
Elizabeth Drama uk Danielle Ross Top 20
   Mrim Boutla Top 20
Elling Nicole DavidFunny. Totally worth seeing.Others
Enchanted April Drama uk Carla Hudson Top 20
Eraserhead Drama Fantasy Horror usa Rob HaskinsA classic Lynch film, not for the squeamish.Top 10
   Rich JacksonDavid Lynch's first feature film and one of his more bizarre effortsTop 10
   David HirschfieldViolent/VulgarTop 20
   Jerry CarltonSaw it on 'shrooms and survuved.Others
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind drama romance sci-fi comedy usa Sam Danthine Top 20
Europa Europa Drama War germany france poland Steve JenkinsArtsyTop 20
   Joel QuammeBased on the true story of Holocaust survivor Salomon Perel, who actually appears in the film.Top 20
Eve's Bayou Drama usa Danielle Ross Top 10
Everyone Says I Love You Comedy Musical Romance usa Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex Comedy usa Lisa BigelowVulgarTop 10
Evil Dead II Comedy Fantasy Horror usa Mark Murray Top 10
Evil Under the Sun Crime Mystery Thriller uk Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Evita Drama Music Musical Usa Eric CharlesAntonio Banderas can sing??? Yes he can! Its like reading The Prince, only more lyrical and not in italian.Others
Excalibur Action Drama Romance Fantasy usa Rob HaskinsRecommended, in particular, for Nicol Williamson's performance as Merlin.Others
eXistenZ sci-fi crime drama thriller canada uk france Colleen ParksDirected by David Cronenberg. It's listed as sci-fi, but it's really more about the nature of reality--if there were such a thing as philosophical action-adventure, this would be in that category. A good mind bender.Others
Exorcist, The Drama Horror usa Carla Hudson Others
Eyes of Fire Horror Western usa Dori SchachnerOne of those historic wilderness horror movies; starts out a bit slow and confusing, but once the protagonists wander into the forbidden valley, the imagery becomes amazingly creepy and disturbing, and really sticks with you afterward.Top 20
Faces Drama Usa Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Fail-Safe Drama Sci-Fi usa Steve Jenkins Top 20
Fallen Angels Other hongkong Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Family Resemblances Comedy france Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Sophie Deneve Top 20
Fanny and Alexander Drama sweden france westgermany Irina Solyanik Top 20
Fantasia Animation Family Fantasy Musical usa Alexis RosoffA Disney movie on this list, you say? Stifle your objections for a moment, and re-watch Fantasia. This is no mere kiddie pic--it's an incredible work of art, where images and music combine to entrance adults as much as children. Top 10
Fargo Crime Drama Thriller Uk Usa Jerry CarltonToo good, too funny.Others
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control Documentary usa Scott VenturaAnother Errol Morris documentary, but significantly more upbeat than Mr. Death or Thin Blue Line.Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyErrol Morris probes the difference between genius and madness in this gorgeous documentary.Others
Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill Kill! Action Drama usa Inge-Marie Eigsti Top 10
Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy Comedy france Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
Fear of a Black Hat Comedy usa Keith Irwin Top 10
Festen Drama denmark Sophie Deneve Top 10
   Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
   Mrim Boutla Top 20
Fight Club Action Drama Thriller germany usa Jon Wondrack Others
Fire in the Sky Drama Mystery Sci-Fi usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Fitzcarraldo Adventure Drama peru westgermany Cornelius Weber Top 10
Five Nights Drama Romance sovietunion Irina Solyanik Top 10
Five Obstructions, The Animation Documentary Drama Belgium Denmark France Switzerland Ellen WoodallA filmmaker challenges his friend to remake his short film "The Perfect Human" five times, with a different obstruction each time. BrilliantTop 10
Flesh Eaters, The Horror usa Damon AndersonRediculously funny.Others
Flirting with Disaster Comedy usa Keith Irwin Top 10
Flying in Dreams and Reality Drama sovietunion Irina Solyanik Top 10
Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara, The Documentary Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Following crime uk Jessica MayeWritten and directed by the same guy who made Memento. Like Memento, it's told out of time sequence, and it's fun trying to put all the pieces back together into a coherent story.Top 20
Forever Young Adventure Romance Sci-Fi usa Michael Brozinsky Others
Frankenstein Drama Horror Sci-fi Usa Joel QuammeThe classic monster movie. Top 20
Freaks Drama Horror Usa Rich Jackson1932 cult classic horror film that blends elements of monstrosity, grotesqueness and pathos. It is a one of a kind movie that is a must see.Top 20
French Connection, The Action Crime Drama Thriller usa Keith Schneider Top 10
French Fried Vacation Other france Sophie Deneve Top 10
French Twist Comedy france Mrim Boutla Top 20
Fresh Drama france usa Marie Copolla Top 10
Friday the 13th Horror Mystery Thriller usa Rob HaskinsGreat soundtrack by Harry Manfredini--a classic teen slasher film. Others
Fried Green Tomatoes Drama usa Lisa BigelowA great home alone on a rainy afternoon kind of movie.Others
Full Metal Jacket Action Drama War usa Keith Irwin Others
   Jerry CarltonSee it before you enlistOthers
Full Monty, The Comedy uk Christopher Kam Top 10
Funny Bones comedy uk usa Jerry CarltonLee Evans, Jerry Lewis, Oliver Platt - Except for the ending, one of the funniest, saddest movies ever.Others
Futureworld Sci-Fi Thriller usa Cornelius Weber Top 10
Gadjo dilo Comedy Drama france romania Mrim Boutla Top 10
   Mikhail Masharov Top 20
Gallipoli Drama War australia Carla Hudson Top 10
Gattaca Drama Sci-Fi Thriller usa Koleen McCrink Others
General, The Comedy usa Scott VenturaBuster Keaton's most famous movie. See where Jackie Chan goes for inspiration.Top 10
   Eric CharlesRecent british one, irish gangsterTop 20
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Crime Drama france germany japan usa David HirschfieldViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Joe ChellmanJim Jarmusch at his best. Forest Whitaker plays a modern-day samurai, and does it wonderfully. This movie has so much substance, it should be arrested. Contains some violence, but no head-stomping.Top 10
   Matthew ShebyViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Mark Kishiyama Top 10
   Timothy King Top 20
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
   Colleen ParksDirected by Jim Jarmusch. Great movie.Others
Ghost World Comedy Drama uk usa Lisa Bigelow Top 10
Girlhood documentary usa Colleen ParksDirected by Liz Garbus.Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Liz Garbus.Others
Glen or Glenda Drama usa Lisa Bigelow"Then one day, it wasn't Halloween any longer..."Top 10
Glengarry Glen Ross Drama Usa David Hirschfield Top 10
   Ryan Ward Top 10
God of Gamblers Comedy Drama Hongkong Hongkong Erik Johnson Top 10
Gods Must Be Crazy, The Action Comedy Botswana Joel QuammeA unique and humorous treatment of 'civilization'. Memorable characters; lots of slapstick and situational humor. Top 10
Goodfellas Crime Drama usa Steve Jenkins Others
Governess, The Drama Romance Uk Colleen ParksDirected by Sandra Goldbacher.Others
Graduate, The Drama Romance usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Grande bouffe, La Drama france italy J.C. DucomViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Alex PougetViolent/VulgarTop 10
Grande illusion, La Drama War france Steve Jenkins Top 20
Great White Hope, The Drama usa Eric Charles Top 10
Gregory's Girl Comedy Uk Joel QuammeCute and quirky story about a teenage boy's quest to get the girlTop 20
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Comedy Drama usa Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Hable con ella Drama spain Nicole Davidno commentsTop 10
Halloween Horror Thriller Usa Rob HaskinsSuperb soundtrack by John Carpenter; probably the first film marking the resurgence of the teen slasher films of the late 70s and 80s.Others
   Damon AndersonVery very very scary.Others
Hao xia Action Drama Hongkong Hongkong Hieronymous Maguirea.k.a. Last Hurrah For ChivalryTop 10
Happiness Comedy Drama usa Tige MonacelliViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Alexis RosoffViolent/VulgarTop 20
Happiness of the Katakuris, The Comedy Horror Music Musical Japan Ellen Woodall Top 10
Happy Texas Comedy usa Marie Copolla Top 10
   Carla Hudson Top 10
Happy Times Comedy Drama China Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Happy, Texas comedy usa Colleen ParksDirected by Mark Illsley. Light and fun.Others
Hard Eight Crime Thriller usa Inge-Marie Eigsti Top 10
Harold and Maude Comedy Drama usa Craig BrozinskyGreat black comedy, and excellent satireTop 10
   Eric Charles Top 10
   Jon Prince Top 20
   Barbara Scoggins Top 20
   Jerry CarltonManditory date flickOthers
Harvey Comedy Fantasy usa Scott VenturaIncredibly charming Jimmy Stewart will make you believe in an invisible rabbit.Top 10
Heart of Stone, A Drama Romance france Charles Couchman Top 10
Heavenly Creatures Crime Drama germany newzealand uk Danielle Ross Top 10
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Comedy Drama Musical usa Alexis RosoffI'm not a huge musical fan, but I loved this. Having 70s-style glam rock instead of Andrew Lloyd Webber probably helped. Funny and well-acted.Top 10
High Art Drama Romance Canada Usa Mark Kishiyama Top 10
High Fidelity Comedy uk usa Koleen McCrink Top 10
   Joe ChellmanIt's about girls, right?Top 20
High Heels Drama spain france Luis Alcala Top 20
   Charlotte Lasserre Top 20
Highway 61 Comedy canada Jim Magnuson Top 10
   Carla Hudson Top 20
Hilary and Jackie Drama uk Danielle Ross Top 10
   Irina Solyanik Top 10
Hiroshima, Mon Amour Drama Romance War france japan Mike Landrum Top 10
Hitcher, The action drama horror thriller usa Mark Boslerfilm that Rutger Hauer was in of any quality. B-movie schlock, but lots of fun as serial killer Hauer pursues C. Thomas Howell.Top 10
Hobbit, The Animation Fantasy usa Shawn Green Top 10
Hombre mirando al sudeste Drama argentina Luis Alcala Top 10
Home for the Holidays comedy drama romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by Jodie Foster. One of my favorites, although the ending montage is a bit cheesy.Top 10
Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson Other usa Rob HaskinsRecommended for the ridiculous hair, the absurd leg warmers, and the cameo by William S. Burroughs.Top 10
Home Room drama usa bj?rn Top 10
Homo Faber Drama France Germany Greece Uk Nicole Davidif you liked the book, you'll like itTop 20
   Jessica MayeA man meets a much younger woman who he thinks might be his soulmate...Others
Hoop Dreams Documentary usa Christopher Kam Top 10
Hope and Glory Comedy Drama War uk Erin Rhodes Top 10
Horse Feathers Comedy Usa Joel QuammeMarx Bros 4th film. Pretty consistently funny, somewhere between Duck Soup and Animal Crackers. The pace drags a bit during some of the songs. Lots of subtle gags I missed the first time made re-watching enjoyable.Top 10
Hotaru no haka Animation War Drama japan Cornelius WebersadTop 10
Hotel New Hampshire Drama canada uk usa Irina Solyanik Top 20
House of Dark Shadows Horror usa Rob HaskinsViolent/VulgarTop 20
House of Games Crime Mystery Thriller usa Craig BrozinskyA psychologist learns how to be a con artist. David Mamet's best film.Top 10
House of Yes, The Comedy Usa Erin Rhodes Top 10
   Brian Magerkodark dark comedy starring Parker Posey. Based on a play and the dialogue shines.Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Mark S. Waters.Others
How To Get Ahead In Advertising Comedy uk Danielle Ross Top 10
Hudsucker Proxy, The Comedy Romance uk germany usa Matthew Sheby Top 10
Human Nature comedy france usa Colleen ParksDirected by Michael Gondry. This is one of Charlie Kaufman's movies, and is every bit as good as his better-known ones.Others
Hurlyburly drama usa Colleen ParksDirected by Anthony Drazan.Others
I, Claudius Drama uk Steve Jenkins Top 10
Ice Storm, The Drama usa Luis Alcala Top 20
   Colleen ParksDirected by Ang Lee. Sad.Others
Idiots Comedy Drama denmark france italy netherlands Irina Solyanik Top 20
Ikiru Drama Japan Joel QuammeA masterpiece about death and life...devoid of the usual sappiness, yet very moving.Top 10
Impostors, The Comedy usa Carla Hudson Top 10
In the Company of Men Drama canada usa Tige MonacelliViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Tony MonacelliViolent/VulgarTop 10
In the Mood for Love Drama Romance france hongkong Luis Alcala Top 20
In-Laws, The Comedy usa David Hirschfield Top 10
Indian Runner, The Drama japan usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Indochine Drama Romance france Mikhail Masharov Top 10
Interiors Drama Usa Rob HaskinsA beautiful homage to Bergman; see a good print or DVD only for the full effect.Top 20
Interview, The Thriller australia Jon Prince Top 10
Intimacy Nicole DavidIt might be msitaken as a porn movie. I think it's worth seeing.Others
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Horror Sci-fi Thriller Usa Rich JacksonOne of my favorite sci-fi pictures starring Kevin McCarthy. A classic.Top 20
Irma La Douce Comedy Drama usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
Iron Jawed Angels (2004) (TV) drama usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Iron Monkey, The Other Hongkong Hongkong Craig Brozinsky Top 20
Irreversible Crime Drama Thriller France Rich JacksonGaspar Noe's controversial revenge flick told in reverse time. Starring Monica Bellucci. Famous for number of people walking out during screening due to graphic depiction of violence/rape. Not for the weak of heart.Others
It Happened One Night Comedy Romance usa Keith Schneider Top 20
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Action Comedy Family usa Matthew Sheby Top 10
   Joel QuammeA who's who of classic comedians being obnoxious. Top 20
J?sus de Montr?al Drama canada france Jim MagnusonArtsyTop 10
Jacob's Ladder Horror Mystery Thriller usa Jason Proksch Top 10
   Jerry CarltonAnother Post Viet Nam film woth watching if you are considering joining up.Others
Jan Svanmajer's Faust Animation Fantasy czechrepublic france uk Craig BrozinskyEngaging version of Faust performed by live actors, life size puppets, and stop-motion photography.Top 10
Jap?n Drama Music Musical Romance Other Germany Mexico Netherlands Jerry CarltonThe most committed acting by Alejandro Ferretis - May he rest in peace. Carlos Reygadas in an insperation to any filmmaker wishing to remain true. Musical because the score is perfect. Top 10
Jean de Florette Drama france switzerland italy Stephan QuessySocial dramaTop 10
Jean de Florette II Drama france italy switzerland Stephan QuessySocial dramaTop 10
Jesus' Son Drama canada usa Jim Magnuson Top 10
John Carpenter's The Thing Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller War usa Steve JenkinsViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Charles Couchman Top 20
Johnny Got His Gun Drama War usa Jason Proksch Top 10
Jonah Who Lived in the Whale Other france italy Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Jules et Jim Drama france Irina Solyanik Top 20
Julien Po Comedy Drama usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Kafka Drama france usa Jon Wondrack Top 10
Kids Drama usa Tony Monacelli Top 10
Kikujiro no natsu Comedy japan Stephan QuessyComedyTop 10
Killing Fields, The Drama War Uk Jerry CarltonAnother film cementing the insanity of war. Crazy people can do things most of us can not imagine.Others
Kin-Dza-Dza Comedy Sci-fi Sovietunion Ryan WardGeorgi Daneliya's masterpiece. One of the greatest unknown movies of all time!Top 10
Kind Hearts and Coronets Comedy Drama Uk Joel QuammeA brilliant and extremely dry black comedy with Alec Guiness playing about 8 different roles.Top 20
King of Comedy Comedy Drama usa Scott VenturaTerrific de Niro performance in a plot that curiously echoes Taxi Driver, but much funnier.Top 10
Kiss of the Spiderwoman Drama brazil usa Steve Jenkins Top 10
Koyaanisqatsi Documentary usa Rob HaskinsArtsy; music by Philip Glass.Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyNo dialogue, no actors, excellent visuals. hmmm... sounds mysteriously like The Mummy Returns. Top 20
L'America Drama france italy David Hirschfield Top 10
L'armee des ombres Drama War france italy J.C. Ducom Top 10
L.627 Drama france Alex Pouget Top 10
L.I.E. drama usa Colleen ParksDirected by Michael Cuesta.Top 10
La Femme Nikita Thriller france italy Jon Wondrack Top 10
   Jessica MayeNikita is a sexy bad-ass, and more realistic than Lara Croft...Top 10
La Haine Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
La promesse Drama belgium france luxembourg Sam Danthine Top 10
La strada Drama Italy Nicole DavidSo sad!Top 20
La vache et le prisonnier Comedy france italy J.C. Ducom Top 10
Labyrinth Adventure Family Fantasy Music Musical Uk Usa Eric Charles Others
Ladybird Ladybird Drama uk Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Lair of the White Worm, The Horror Uk Timothy King Others
Land and Freedom Other Other Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Last Emperor, The Drama france hongkong italy uk Mikhail Masharov Top 10
Last Supper, The Comedy Thriller usa Danielle Ross Top 10
Lathe of Heaven, The (198 Sci-Fi usa Mark Kishiyama Top 10
Lawrence of Arabia Adventure War uk Keith Schneider Top 10
Le dernier metro Drama france J.C. Ducom Top 10
   Stephan QuessyDramaTop 10
Le Grand Bleu Drama Romance France Italy Usa Hieronymous Maguirea.k.a. The Big BlueTop 10
Le Proc comedy drama fantasy thriller france italy westgermany yugoslavia Ryan WardWelles does Kafka!Top 10
Legende von Paul und Paula, Die Drama Romance Eastgermany Germany Nicole Davidgerman cult movieTop 20
Leningrad Cowboys Go America comedy music finland sweden Janelle Alvstad MattsonFinland meets Blues Brothers, with a bit of Monty Python thrown in.Others
Leolo Comedy Drama canada france Roland Park Top 10
Les Enfants du Paradis Drama Romance france Erin Rhodes Top 10
Les tontons flingeurs Action Comedy Crime france westgermany italy J.C. Ducom Top 10
Let Him Have It Crime Drama uk Danielle Ross Top 10
Licence to Kill, A Action uk Jon Prince Others
Life is Beautiful (Vita ? bella, La) Comedy Drama Romance War italy Joe ChellmanCertainly one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. It may be the best.Top 10
Life Less Ordinary, A Comedy Romance uk Marie Copolla Top 10
   Erin Rhodes Top 20
Like Two Crocodiles Other france italy uk Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Lion in Winter Drama uk Steve Jenkins Top 20
   Irina Solyanik Top 20
Little Big Man Comedy Drama Western usa Charles Couchman Top 10
Little Caesar Crime Drama usa Shawn Green Top 10
Little Voice Comedy uk Marie Copolla Top 10
   Jerry CarltonThis sleeper really entertains. Mind blowing finale!Others
Live Flesh Drama france spain Mrim Boutla Top 10
Living in Oblivion Comedy usa Stephan QuessyComedyTop 10
   Sam Danthine Top 10
Lolita Drama Romance France Usa Rob HaskinsRemake with a strong visual style and superb music by Ennio Morricone; superb performances by Irons, Swain, and Griffith.Top 20
Lone Star Drama Mystery usa Marie Copolla Top 10
Lost in Translation Comedy Drama Romance Japan Usa Ellen Silsby Others
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The Comedy Horror Sci-fi Usa Chris EstesMy wife and I have only met one other person in the whole world who likes this send-up of 50's bad science fiction. And he was drunk. Great stilted dialogue. Great mediocre effects. Filmed on the Branson Canyon, with the original Bat Cave!!!!!Top 10
Lost Swordship, The Hongkong Hongkong Erik Johnson Top 10
Lost Weekend, The Drama Film-noir Usa Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Love and Death Comedy usa Craig BrozinskyWoody Allen's funniest film.Top 20
Love and Human Remains Comedy Drama canada Lisa BigelowThis movie also falls into the IMDB's "answering machine" genre.Top 10
Love Is All There Is Comedy Usa Gary Fairbanks Others
Loved One, The comedy usa Barbara ScogginsJonathan Winters in dual roles. Top 20
Lover, The Drama Romance france vietnam uk Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
Lucia Other cuba Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Lulu on the Bridge Drama Mystery Romance usa Sam DanthineArtsyTop 10
Luna Papa Comedy Drama germany japan tajikistan uzbekistan austria Sophie Deneve Top 20
M Crime Thriller Germany Craig BrozinskyFritz Lang introduces the serial killer genre, treating the main character sympathetically. It communicates largely through subtlety, but its polictical and social implications are very clear.Top 10
   David Bressler Top 10
Ma vie en rose comedy drama france belgium uk Colleen ParksDirected by Alvain Berliner. A story about a young boy who wants to dress as a girl and his family's attempt to deal. Great movie.Others
Magnificent Butcher Action hongkong Craig BrozinskyExcellently choreographed Kung-Fu comedy Top 20
Magnolia Drama usa Tonya Jacobs Top 10
Maltese Falcon, The Film-Noir Mystery usa Christopher Kam Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 10
Mamma Roma Drama italy Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Man Bites Dog Action Comedy Crime Drama belgium Sam DanthineViolent/VulgarTop 10
Man Facing Southeast, The Drama argentina Brian Magerko Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyMovie on which K-Pax was based. This one's infinitely more complex.Others
Man for All Seasons, A Drama Uk Jerry CarltonOnce my favorite film. Scofield is mesmerizing. Ethics, commitment, faith anyoneOthers
Man from Elisian Fields, The Drama Usa Ellen Silsby Top 10
Man Who Knew Too Little, The Comedy Crime germany usa Keith Irwin Top 10
Man Who Wasn't There, The comedy drama crime usa Carolyn Top 10
Man Who Would Be King, The Adventure uk usa Keith Schneider Top 10
   Steve Jenkins Top 20
Manchurian Candidate, The Film-Noir Thriller usa Laura Silverman Top 10
   Matthew Sheby Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 10
Mansfield Park Drama uk Erin Rhodes Top 20
Margaret's Museum Drama canada uk Carla Hudsonpossibly disturbing endingTop 10
Mari de la coiffeuse, Le Comedy Drama Romance france Nicole DavidA beautiful movie. i found it so sad that i never want to see it again. one of my favorites.Top 10
Marianne and Juliane Drama westgermany Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Martin Drama Horror Usa Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Mask Drama usa Damon AndersonVery, very sad. Others
Matador Comedy Drama spain Alex Pouget Top 10
   Timothy King Top 20
Matewan Drama usa Jerry CarltonThe first John Sayles film I ever saw and probably my favotite. He wrote a great book about fimmaking based on his experience making Matewan. Coal miners, Unions and Union busters.Others
Matrix, The Action Sci-fi Thriller Usa Jon Prince Others
   Mikhail Masharov Others
Memento Drama Mystery Thriller usa Luis Alcala Top 10
   Jon Prince Top 10
   Joe ChellmanIntriguing and interesting. Not to be missed.Top 10
   Joel Quamme Top 10
   Carolynmaybe you've seen it already and just can't rememberTop 10
   Alexis RosoffI heard about it before all the hype. Nyah, nyah...Others
Memories of Underdevelopment Drama cuba Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Men With Guns Action Drama canada Marie Copolla Top 10
Mephisto Drama germany hungary Irina Solyanik Top 10
Metropolis Drama Sci-Fi germany Keith Irwin Top 10
   David Bressler Top 10
   Mark Kishiyama Top 20
Microcosmos Documentary france switzerland italy Scott VenturaBugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Amazing cinematography.Top 10
Midnight Cowboy Drama usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Mighty Wind, A Comedy Music Usa Joel Quamme"Mockumentary" from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy about the commercialized folk music revival of the 60s.Top 20
Mildred Pierce Drama Film-Noir usa Rob HaskinsThe locus classicus of film noir.Others
Milky Way, The Comedy Drama france westgermany italy Alex Pouget Top 10
Mindwalk Jessica MayeA great conversation between a poet, a politician, and a scientist.Others
Minus Man, The Drama Mystery usa Matthew ShebyViolent/VulgarTop 10
Miracle Mile Matthew Sheby Top 20
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Drama usa Rob HaskinsGreat soundtrack by Philip Glass. NB: DVD release doesn't include Roy Scheider's superior narration.Top 10
Miss Firecracker Comedy usa Jessica MayeFunny charicature of small town life...Others
Mister Roberts Comedy Drama War usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
   Steve Jenkins Top 20
Moebius Sci-Fi argentina Luis Alcala Top 10
Monsoon Wedding Comedy Romance india usa france italy Brian MagerkoIt's got it all, except exploding stuff. Good story about an arranged wedding in modern India.Top 20
   Colleen ParksDirected by Mira Nair. This isn't typical Bollywood--no big musical numbers. Just a good movie.Others
Monster In A Box Comedy uk usa Craig BrozinskyAnother great monologue by Spalding GrayOthers
Monster Squad, The Adventure Comedy Horror usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Mosquito Coast, The Drama Horror usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Moulin Rouge! Drama Music Musical Romance Australia Usa Jerry CarltonThe only musical I've seen twice since Sound of Music.Others
Mr. Hulot's Holiday Comedy france Craig BrozinskyA predecessor of Mr. Bean and Peter Seller's character in The Party, Hulot unwittingly wreaks havoc upon resort guests.Top 20
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Drama usa Keith Schneider Top 10
Mrs. Brown Drama Romance ireland uk usa Danielle Ross Top 20
Much Ado About Nothing Comedy Romance uk usa Lisa BigelowHilarious Shakespeare and beautiful people.Others
Mulholland Dr. Drama Mystery france usa Tonya Jacobs Top 10
Murder in the First Drama Thriller france usa Danielle Ross Top 10
My Dinner with Andre Drama Usa Mark Kishiyama Top 20
My Left Foot Drama ireland uk Roland Park Top 10
My Life in Pink Drama belgium france uk Jessica MayePoor Ludovic doesnt understand why he cant grow up to be a girl. This little actor is so sweet he'll make you cry!Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
My Uncle Antoine Drama canada Stephan QuessySocial dramaTop 20
Myst?re Picasso, Le Documentary France Timothy King Top 20
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie comedy sci-fi usa Mark Bosler Others
Naked Drama uk Alexis RosoffI like all of Mike Leigh's films, but this is probably his best--also his darkest.Top 10
Name der Rose, Der Mystery Crime Thriller france italy westgermany Damon AndersonRiveting.Top 10
   Jerry CarltonRon Pearlman, Sean Connery, Christian Slater. Wow, best 12th century sluth film ever!Others
Natural Born Killers Action Romance usa Mikhail MasharovViolent/VulgarOthers
   Luis AlcalaViolent/VulgarOthers
Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey, The Adventure Fantasy Australia Newzealand Jim Magnuson Top 10
   Jerry CarltonNew Zealand's other fantasy master - Vincent WardTop 20
Nenette et Boni Drama france Mrim BoutlaArtsyTop 10
Network Drama Usa Rob HaskinsRecommended for superior performances by Finch, Straight, Holden, Dunaway, Duvall, and Beatty.Others
Night at the Opera, A Comedy Family Music Musical Romance Usa Joel QuammeMarx Bro?s 6th film and best all-around, IMO. Best plot, best music, best supporting roles, and best finale. Duck Soup is generally funnier, but not as well written, acted, or directed. The opera is Il Trovatore.Top 10
Night of Dark Shadows Horror usa Rob HaskinsviolentOthers
Night of the Hunter, The Drama Film-Noir Thriller usa Juan Moreno Top 10
Night of the Living Dead Drama Horror Sci-fi usa Rob Haskins\"Somebody had a cookout here, Ben . . .\"Others
Night on Earth Comedy Drama france germany japan usa Laura Silverman Top 10
   Luis Alcala Top 10
   Nicole DavidGreat cast! Another Jim Jarmush movie.Top 10
No Such Thing Colleen ParksDirected by Hal Hartley. I'm not actually a big fan of Hartley's but I really enjoyed this one. The ending really made the movie. The US title is "Monster".Others
Non ci resta che piangera Comedy italy Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Nosferatu Fantasy Horror Thriller Germany Joel QuammeEarly silent adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Visually haunting. Top 10
   Rich Jackson1922 German first adaptation of Dracula movie. A classic. Silent movie.Top 10
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht Horror france germany westgermany westgermany Rob HaskinsScary dark German classic.Top 10
Nuovo cinema Paradiso Drama France Italy Ellen Silsby Top 10
   Ryan Ward Top 10
   Rich JacksonVery entertaining Italian coming of age movieTop 10
Office Space Comedy usa Jon Prince Top 10
   Erin Rhodes Top 20
Oldboy Drama Mystery Thriller Southkorea Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
Omega Man, The Sci-Fi usa Charles Couchman Top 10
On the Beach (2000) (TV) Drama Mystery Romance Sci-fi Australia Usa Matthew Shebythe remake, not the originalTop 20
Once Upon A Time In The West Western italy usa Cornelius Weber Top 10
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
Once Were Warriors Drama newzealand Mrim BoutlaViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Timothy KingThe story could have taken place in any minority urban setting, but the specifics of the Maori culture add a fascinating layer. Incredible performances by all just add to the power of this brutal & wrenching story.Top 10
One False Move Thriller usa Tige Monacelli Top 10
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Drama usa J.C. Ducom Others
One True Thing Drama usa Jon Prince Top 20
Ong Bak Adventure Crime Thriller Thailand Hieronymous Maguire Others
Orlando Drama uk russia france italy netherlands Belgium Cicero Top 10
Osama drama afghanistan netherlands japan ireland Colleen ParksDirected by Siddiq Barmak. Depressing, but worth watching.Others
Our Man Flint Adventure Comedy usa David Hirschfield Top 10
Over The Brooklyn Bridge Comedy usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
P?re No?l est une ordure, Le Comedy france Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
Pandora's Box Drama Germany Mark Kishiyama Top 10
Paradise Road Drama War Australia Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Parallax View, The Thriller usa Rob HaskinsA classic "paranoia" film from the 70s.Top 20
Party, The Comedy usa David Hirschfield Top 10
   Michael Brozinsky Top 10
Patch of Blue, A Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 10
Paths of Glory Drama Film-noir War usa Jerry CarltonKubrick's early ant-war masterpiece. WWI, Kirk Douglas, treason? Top 20
PCU Comedy usa Shawn Green Others
Pear Tree, The Drama italy Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Pecker Comedy usa Tony Monacelli Top 10
Pelle the Conqueror Drama denmark sweden Jim Magnuson Top 10
Performance Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
Permanent Midnight Drama usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Persona Drama sweden Mike Landrum Top 10
Personal Services Comedy uk Carla Hudson Top 20
Personal Velocity: Three Portraits drama usa Colleen ParksDirected by Rebecca Miller. Engaging stories.Top 20
Peter's Friends Comedy Drama uk Mrim Boutla Top 10
Phantasm Horror Sci-fi usa Rob HaskinsRecommended for Angus Scrimm\'s performance as The Tall Man; great soundtrack by Myrow and Seagrave. Others
Phantom of the Paradise Comedy Horror Musical usa Craig BrozinskyFaust meets Phantom of the Opera in this 70s glam-rock musicalTop 20
Philadelphia Story, The Comedy Romance usa Steve Jenkins Top 20
Pi Sci-fi Thriller Usa Carolyn Top 20
Pieces of April comedy drama usa Colleen ParksDirected by Peter Hedges. This exceeded my expectations.Top 20
Pierrot le fou Drama france italy J.C. Ducom Top 10
Pillow Book, The Drama Romance France Netherlands Uk Timothy King Top 10
Pink Flamingos Comedy Crime usa Rob Haskinsviolent/vulgarTop 20
   Alexis RosoffIt's trash. But incomparable. Top 20
Pink Floyd Live at Pompei Documentary belgium westgermany france Jim Magnuson Top 10
Pink Floyd The Wall Drama Music Uk Jon PrinceViolent/VulgarTop 10
Planet of the Apes Action Drama Sci-fi Usa Keith Irwin Top 10
   Rob HaskinsMemorable performances by Maurice Evans and Charleton Heston.Others
Player, The Comedy Drama Thriller usa Charles Couchman Top 20
   Mrim Boutla Top 20
Pleasantville Comedy Drama Fantasy usa Carla Hudson Others
Postino, Il Drama Romance Belgium France Italy Mrim Boutla Top 10
   Nicole DavidI enjoyed seeing the landscapes in the movie. It's a typical italian movie, which creates that special atmosphere of heat, heart and dolce far niente.Top 20
President's Analyst, The Comedy Usa Craig Brozinsky Others
Princess Mononoke Action Adventure Animation Fantasy japan Lisa BigelowGorgeousTop 10
   Mikhail Masharovoriginal Japanese version onlyTop 10
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Comedy Drama australia Danielle Ross Top 10
   Luis Alcala Top 20
Professional, The Action Crime Drama Thriller france usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Project Grizzly Documentary canada Carla Hudson Top 10
Public Enemy, The Crime Drama usa Shawn Green Top 10
Pumpkin comedy drama romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by Anthony Abrams and Adam Larson Broder. Very humorous, but in a somewhat distrubing way.Others
Punch-Drunk Love comedy drama romance usa Ellen Silsby Top 10
Queen Margot Drama Romance france italy germany Charles Couchman Top 10
   Sophie Deneve Top 20
Querelle Drama westgermany france Rob HaskinsViolent/VulgarTop 10
Quick Change Comedy usa Tige Monacelli Top 10
Quiet Man, The Comedy Drama Romance Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Quills Drama usa Tige MonacelliArtsyTop 20
Rabbit-Proof Fence adventure drama australia Colleen ParksDirected by Phillip Noyce. This is an amazing story. It's worth watching the "making of" in the specail features too. IMdB lists it as adventure...it's hard to see how what those girls, and all of the Australian aboriginees, went through as an adventure.Others
Raise the Red Lantern Drama china hongkong taiwan Mike Landrum Top 10
Raising Arizona Comedy usa Tony Monacelli Top 10
   Jerry CarltonLaughed till I cried. Holly Hunter's big break. Nick Cage, John Goodman, Wm. Forsythe, Frances McDormand, Tex Cobb and the Cohen Brothers, what a perfect mix. Funny, funny, funny.Top 10
   Charles Couchman Top 20
Ran Drama War japan france Mark Kishiyama Top 10
Rashomon Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Japan Rich Jackson Others
Ratcatcher Drama uk france Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Real Blond, The Comedy Usa Sam Danthine Others
Reality Bites comedy drama romance usa Ryan WardIt's fluff, but I love it.Top 10
Rear Window Mystery Thriller usa Jon Wondrack Top 10
   Annamaria Proksch Top 10
   Rich JacksonWithout question, Hitchcock's best starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, arguably the most beautiful woman to grace the silver screen.Top 10
   Joel QuammeMy favorite Hitchcock. Top 20
Rebecca Drama Mystery Romance Thriller Usa Craig BrozinskyHitchcock thriller in which a new wife lives in the shadow of her predecessor.Others
Red Rock West Thriller Usa Rich JacksonMore twists than a pretzel Starring Nicholas Cage and Dennis Hopper. "Adios Red Rock"Others
Red Violin, The Drama Mystery Romance canada italy uk Dan Koo Top 10
   Mikhail Masharov Top 10
   Jon Prince Top 10
Ref, The Comedy usa Jon Wondrack Top 10
Remains of the Day, The Drama Romance uk usa Carla Hudson Top 10
Repo Man Comedy Sci-Fi usa Mark Murray Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 20
Requiem For A Dream Rich JacksonEllen Burstyn gives a virtuoso performance in this cautionary tale about drug abuse. Be prepared to feel like you were punched in the gut.Top 10
Requiem for a Dream Drama usa Alexis RosoffAbsolutely unrelenting and horrifying, but compelling.Top 20
Reservoir Dogs Crime Thriller usa Shawn Green Top 10
   Irina Solyanik Top 10
Restoration Drama Romance uk usa Jerry CarltonMichael Hoffman's 2nd film on my list. Louis XIV, a veterinarian, sex, love & death. Robert Downey's best film!Top 20
Return of the King, The Animation Fantasy Musical usa Shawn Green Top 10
Ridicule Drama france Sam Danthine Top 10
Riding Giants documentary usa france Gary Fairbanks Top 20
River Runs Through It, A Drama usa Charles Couchman Top 10
Roger and Me Comedy Documentary usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Roman Holiday Comedy Romance usa Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Ronin Action Crime Thriller uk usa Jon Prince Others
Rope Thriller usa Erin Rhodes Top 10
   Rich JacksonOne of hitchcocks earlier efforts appearing to be one long take based upon the Leopold Loeb murder mystery.Top 20
Rosemary's Baby Drama Horror Thriller usa Lisa BigelowMen are such scum!Top 10
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Comedy Drama Uk Usa Craig Brozinsky Others
Rules of Engagement Thriller canada usa uk Jon Prince Others
Run Lola Run Action Drama Thriller germany Tonya Jacobs Top 10
   Carolynyou will be on the edge of your chair (or bean bag) throughout this oneTop 20
Rushmore Comedy Romance usa Joe ChellmanWonderful. One of Bill Murray's best [supporting] roles in recent history, and brilliantly carried out by everyone involved.Top 10
   Mark Murray Top 10
   Tony Monacelli Top 10
Ryan's Daughter Drama Romance Uk Jerry CarltonMy favorite David Lean film. Historic cinematography of a storm.Others
Saddest Music in the World, The drama musical romance fantasy comedy canada Ellen Woodall Top 10
Safar e Ghandehar drama iran france Colleen ParksDirected by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. US (English) title is "Kandahar".Others
Salesman Documentary usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Sanjuro Action Adventure japan Charles Couchman Top 10
Sansh? Day? Drama japan Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Santa sangre Drama Horror mexico italy Damon Anderson Top 10
Saving Grace Comedy uk Marie Copolla Top 10
Searching for Bobby Fischer Drama usa Steve Jenkins Others
Secret of Santa Vittoria, The Comedy Drama usa Stephan QuessyComedyTop 20
Secretary drama comedy romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by Steven Shainberg. Great movie.Top 20
   Timothy King Top 10
Secrets & Lies Comedy Drama France Uk Erin Rhodes Top 10
   Mrim Boutla Top 20
   Craig Brozinsky Others
Secrets & Lies drama comedy france uk Colleen ParksDirected by Mike Leigh.Others
Seven Samurai, The Action Drama War japan Matthew Sheby Top 10
   Steve Jenkins Top 10
   Mark Kishiyama Top 10
   Charles Couchman Top 20
Seventh Seal, The Drama sweden Mike Landrum Top 10
Sex and Zen Action Comedy hongkong Carla HudsonaTop 10
Sex, Lies, and Videotape Drama Usa Rob HaskinsGreat soundtrack by Cliff Martinez.Others
Shadow Magic Drama Romance china germany taiwan usa Matthew Sheby Top 20
Shadow of the Vampire Drama Horror uk usa luxembourg Shawn Green Top 10
Shakes the Clown Comedy Usa Timothy KingYou gotta love a movie boycotted by the clowns' union. This is incredibly stupid, utterly tasteless & absolutely hysterical.Top 10
Shall We Dansu? Comedy Japan Tige Monacelli Top 10
   Christopher Kam Top 10
   Jessica MayeA serious Japanese businessman secretly enrolls in ballroom dancing lessons.Top 10
Shallow Grave Drama Thriller uk Marie CoppolaViolent/VulgarTop 10
Shame Drama australia Inge-Marie Eigsti Top 10
Shine Drama Romance australia Mrim Boutla Top 20
Shining, The Horror Thriller uk Jason Proksch Top 20
   Rob HaskinsSome of the best use of music in a film; superior performances by Nicholson, Duvall, Crothers, Turkel, and Stone. Others
Ship of Fools Drama usa Irina Solyanik Top 20
Shirley Valentine Comedy uk usa Carla Hudson Top 20
Short Cuts Drama usa Luis Alcala Top 20
Shower Comedy Drama china Jon Prince Top 10
   Tonya Jacobs Top 10
Silence of the Lambs, The Thriller Crime Horror usa Rob HaskinsGreat, in particular, for the chemistry between Foster and Hopkins.Others
Silent Movie Comedy usa Scott VenturaMel Brooks making the first silent movie in forty years, about making the first silent movie in forty years. Spectacular slapstick.Top 10
Simple Plan, A Crime Thriller Drama france germany japan uk usa Julie Heinrich Top 10
Singin' in the Rain Comedy Musical Romance usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
Sirens Comedy Drama Australia Uk Jessica MayeSexy!Others
Six-String Samurai Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Western usa David Hirschfield Top 10
   Erik Johnson Top 10
   Joe ChellmanThis movie is extremely campy, strangely beautiful, and enormously entertaining.Top 20
Sjunde inseglet, Det drama fantasy sweden David Bressler Top 10
Skipped Parts drama romance usa Colleen ParksDirected by Tamra Davis. My favorite line from this movie, which I'm probably not remembering verbatim: "Well, society'd fall apart if we told the truth about sex". Others
Slacker Comedy Drama Usa David Bressler Top 10
Slaughterhouse-Five Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-fi War usa Rob HaskinsOne of the best adaptations of a novel; great soundtrack culled mostly from Bach performances by Glenn Gould.Others
Sleeper Comedy Sci-Fi usa Mark Murray Top 10
Sleuth Mystery Thriller Uk Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Sliding Doors Comedy Romance uk usa Jon Wondrack Others
Slums of Beverly Hills Comedy Drama usa Erin Rhodes Top 20
Small Time Crooks Comedy Crime Romance usa Joe ChellmanMicroscopic thieves begin stealing time from unsuspecting housewives. Armed only with Lysol, can Golda Meir stop them?Top 20
Smoke Drama germany usa Mikhail Masharov Top 10
   Mrim Boutla Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Smoke Signals Comedy Drama usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Snapper, The Comedy Drama uk Sophie Deneve Top 10
Sneakers Action Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Romance Thriller usa Alexis RosoffHorribly commercial, so I don't know if Craig will allow it! But it's got great dialogue, and if you think about it, it was almost ahead of its time. "No more secrets" is even more of a problem now than it was in '92.Others
Soapdish Comedy usa Jerry CarltonJust plain funny - Not bad for an Idaho boy.Top 10
Some Kind of Wonderful Drama Romance usa Erin Rhodes Others
Soul Split in Two, A Romance italy switzerland Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Sound and Fury Documentary uk usa Dan Koo Top 10
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut Animation Comedy Musical usa Koleen McCrinkbOthers
Soy Cuba Drama sovietunion cuba Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Soylent Green Drama Sci-fi Thriller usa Alexis RosoffThere are points where this is laughable instead of dramatic; the look of the film is incredibly dated; and the plot was completely altered from Harry Harrison's novel. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable sci-fi movie, and a cautionary tale of human abuse of resources, if you want to take it seriously.Top 10
   Mark Kishiyama Top 20
Spanish Prisoner, The Drama Mystery Thriller usa Jon Prince Top 20
   Colleen ParksDirected by David Mamet.Others
Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Every Told Comedy Horror Usa Ellen WoodallVery bizzare horror flick from 1968.Top 20
Spirited Away Adventure Animation Drama Fantasy japan usa Lisa BigelowUtterly entrancingTop 10
   Timothy King Top 20
Splendor In The Grass Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Stalag 17 Drama War usa Steve Jenkins Top 10
Stalker,The Mystery Sci-Fi sovietunion germany Mikhail MasharovArtsyTop 10
Star Maker, The Comedy Drama italy Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 20
State of Grace Crime Drama canada usa Alex Pouget Top 10
Station Agent, The Drama Usa Janelle Alvstad MattsonThis movie about 3 misfits in a small town charmed its way onto my list of all time favorites. It's a funny character study about friendship and trains.Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Thomas McCarthy. Others
Step Into Liquid documentary usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Stevie documentary usa Colleen ParksDirected by Steve James.Others
Stone Reader, The Documentary Drama Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 10
Stoned Age, The Comedy usa Matthew ShebyViolent/VulgarTop 10
Streetcar Named Desire, A Drama Usa Joel QuammeGreat ensemble acting.Others
Streets of Fire Action Romance usa Jim Thomasa Rock-and-Roll-NOIR with some a great sound trackTop 10
Strictly Ballroom Comedy Romance australia Danielle Ross Top 10
   Jessica MayeCampy satire about dance competitions. Fabulous costumes!Top 20
   Craig Brozinsky Others
Submission Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
Sudden Fear Film usa Damon AndersonSuperb noir classic!Top 10
Sullivan's Travels Adventure Comedy Romance Usa Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Support Your Local Sheriff! comedy western usa John HawkinsMy father and I love this movie, so you probably won't.Others
Surviving Desire Comedy Drama usa Jessica MayeThe ultimate Hal Hartley movie. Strange and non-naturalistic.Top 20
Suspiria Fantasy Horror Thriller italy westgermany Dori SchachnerThis is one of the few horror movies I've ever seen that is truly frightening. Extremely eerie and suspenseful, with a soundtrack that will haunt you for weeks. The ending is a bit of a disappointment, but the rest of the movie is great. Sensory overload.Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyDario Argento creates a chilling atmostphere dominated by an eerie soundtrack and brilliant lighting.Others
Sweet and Lowdown Comedy Drama usa Laura Silverman Top 10
   Mark Murray Top 10
Sweet Hereafter, The Drama canada Mike Landrum Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 20
Sweet Movie Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
Swimming to Cambodia Drama usa Craig BrozinskySpalding Gray delivers a riveting monolgue about his experiences during the filming of The Killing Fields.Top 10
Swimming With Sharks Comedy Drama usa Tony Monacelli Top 20
Swordsman II Action Fantasy hongkong Charles Couchman Top 10
Tadpole Comedy Drama Romance usa Jessica MayeThe Graduate meets Harold & Maude!Others
Talented Mr. Ripley, The Drama Thriller usa Rob HaskinsAmazing performance by Damon, Blanchett, and Hoffman; great soundtrack by Gabriel Yared; beautiful location shots.Others
Talk Radio Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 20
Tampopo Comedy japan Brian Magerko Top 10
   Scott VenturaJapanese "noodle western" guaranteed to make you hungry. A must for food-lovers.Top 10
   David Hirschfield Top 20
   Timothy King Top 20
Taxi Driver Crime Drama Thriller Usa Joel Quamme Top 20
   Keith Schneider Top 20
Tchao, pantin Drama france Sophie Deneve Top 10
Tempest Comedy Drama Romance usa Jerry CarltonSexiest scene ever filmed - Sarandon & Ringwald washing clothes on the beach of a Greek island. Also - Raul Julia, Gena Rowlands and John Casavettes.Others
Tenant, The Horror Mystery Thriller france usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Tenue de soir Comedy Drama france Charlotte Lasserre Top 10
Terrorist, The Drama india Tonya Jacobs Top 10
Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The Crime Horror Mystery Thriller Germany Chris EstesFritz Lang's story of a criminal genius gone mad, and the brilliant detective who must stop him.Top 10
Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Horror usa Mark MurrayViolent/VulgarTop 10
   Rob HaskinsA classic. Yee hah.Others
That Munchhausen Comedy Fantasy sovietunion Mikhail MasharovArtsyTop 10
   Irina Solyanik Top 20
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover Comedy Drama Horror France Netherlands Uk Rich JacksonDo not eat before seeing this movie. Visually stunning. Contains disturbing images including cannaalismTop 10
The Dreams of Sparrows Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Action Adventure Western Italy Spain Craig BrozinskyAs the title suggests, it spits in the face of the simplistic Western convention of good vs. bad. The dialogue is sparse, but if effectively communicates via the soundtrack and visuals. Others
The Same River Twice Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
The Seven Samurai Action Adventure Drama Japan Rich Jackson Others
The Spirit of '76 Action Comedy Musical Sci-fi usa Jerry CarltonHistoric - Jerry Carlton is wonderful. Moon Unit Zappa, Tommy Chong, Carl and Meathead Reiner, John Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Devo. Produced and crewed by the Coppola family, directed by the other Reiner son, Lucas.Others
Thin Blue Line Documentary usa Scott VenturaHeartbreaking drama in a documentary about a man wrongly sentenced to death.Top 10
Thin Man, The Comedy Mystery usa Jim Magnuson Top 10
Third Man, The Film-noir Mystery Thriller uk Craig BrozinskyShadowy and mysterious, this noir by Orson Welles is probably the only pre-1950 film for which I enjoy the music.Top 20
   Keith Schneider Top 20
Thirteen drama usa uk Colleen ParksDirected by Catherine Hardwicke. Portrays the turmoil of the age without being overly sympathetic or nostalgic. Good movie.Top 20
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould Drama canada finland netherlands portugal Rob HaskinsSuperior performance by Fiore--a flawed but nevertheless important tribute to Glenn Gould.Top 20
This Is Spinal Tap Comedy usa Jason Proksch Top 10
Threads Drama uk Alexis RosoffThis is hard to find, buit it's worth it. I discovered it on a recommendation. It's the BBC's vision of nuclear war and its aftermath--a little like The Day After, but much starker. If you're a child of the 80s you will appreciate this film, and be shaken by its grim ending.Top 10
Thriller - a cruel picture Action Drama Thriller Sweden Rich JacksonSwedish movie banned in several countries. Revenge flick with graphic pornography that formed the inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill.Others
Throne of Blood Action Drama Thriller War Japan Mark Kishiyama Top 20
Through the Olive Trees Drama france iran Luis Alcala Top 20
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down Drama spain Damon Anderson Top 10
Tigerland Drama War germany usa Jerry CarltonThis is real. The film Colin Farrell will be remembered for.Top 20
Time Bandits Fantasy Adventure Comedy uk Jessica MayeChock full of the typical Terry Gilliam oddities.Others
Time of the Gypsies Drama uk italy yugoslavia Gennaro Corcella Top 10
   Timothy King Others
Tin Drum, The Drama germany poland yugoslavia france Tony Monacelli Top 10
   Timothy King Top 20
Titan A.E. Animation Action Sci-Fi Adventure usa Carla Hudson Others
Titus Drama italy usa Jon Prince Top 10
To Die For Comedy Drama Thriller Uk Usa Jerry CarltonNichole Kidman is so cute in this I can't stand it. This is a funny murder mystery. Gus Van Zand's big Hollywood deal. I suggest all Kidman fans see BMX Bandits - http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0085204/ - Also, for the sexiest dance ever see The Human Stain, another pretty good sleeper. Others
To Kill a Mockingbird Drama Usa Joel Quamme Others
Torch Song Trilogy Drama usa Steve Jenkins Top 10
Touch of Evil Crime Film-Noir Thriller usa Juan Moreno Top 10
Tout ?a... pour ?a! Other france usa Alex Pouget Top 10
Town Like Alice, A Drama Romance War Australia Usa Gary Fairbanks Top 20
Trainspotting Drama uk Alexis Rosoff Top 10
   Christopher KamViolent/VulgarTop 10
Trancers Action Sci-Fi usa Jim Thomasa 'B' picture well done in a Techno-NOIR styleTop 10
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Adventure Drama usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
   Keith Schneider Top 10
Tree Grows In Brooklyn, A Drama usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
Trembling Before G-d documentary israel france usa Colleen ParksDirected by Sandi Simcha Dubowski. Looks at the lives of a few gay and lesbian Orthodox and Hassidic Jews.Others
Trial, The Drama france westgermany italy Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Triplettes de Belleville, Les Animation Belgium Canada France Uk Matthew Sheby Top 20
   Jon PrinceanimationTop 20
Trois Coleurs: Blue Drama france poland switzerland Jessica MayeMy favorite from this trilogy. Incredible cinematography and soundtrack.Top 10
Trois Coleurs: Red Drama france poland switzerland Jessica MayeKieslowski movies tend to highlight connections between strangers. This one makes that a central theme.Top 10
   Mark Kishiyama Others
Trois Coleurs: White Drama france poland switzerland Jessica MayeKind of twisted movie about getting someone back (in both senses).Top 20
Trois couleurs: Rouge drama poland france switzerland Timothy KingThis is my favorite Kieslowski. It doesn't reach the same emotional depths as Blue, but it has an elegiac resonance that I find even more compelling.Others
Trois hommes et un couffin Comedy france Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Tron Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi usa Rob HaskinsGet the re-released version with superior video and the remastered, great soundtrack by Wendy Carlos.Others
Trouble with Harry, The Comedy Mystery Usa Chris EstesMy favorite Hitchcock movie. Light-hearted dark comedy. A starving artist and would-be 'Old Salt' stuck with a body that won't go away - and almost everyone in the cast thinks they are the killer.Top 10
True Romance Action Crime Romance usa Mark Murray Top 10
   Tony Monacelli Top 20
Truly Madly Deeply Drama Romance Uk Erin Rhodes Top 10
   Barbara ScogginsThis is a thinking person's "Ghost" - I recommend it!Top 20
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Comedy Romance usa Lisa BigelowLaugh-out-loud funny, a really fun romance.Others
Twelve Monkeys Drama Sci-fi Thriller Usa Chris EstesEven better than Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil.' Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer and Frank Gorshin (the real Riddler). Watch it ten times, you'll get ten meanings from it.Top 10
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Drama Mystery Thriller france usa Mark Kishiyama Others
Un chien andalou short fantasy france Mark BoslerSalvador Dali and Luis Bunuel direct this 16 minute surreal masterpiece.Top 10
Unbearable Lighthness of Being, The Drama usa Luis Alcala Top 10
   Christopher Kam Top 10
Unbreakable Thriller Drama Fantasy usa Jon Prince Others
Unchained Melodies: Readings from the Slave Narratives documentary usa Colleen ParksDirected by Ed Bell and Thomas Lennon.Others
Under the Rainbow Comedy usa Erin Rhodes Top 10
Undercover Blues Comedy usa Jim Thomasa wonderful spy farce with a great running gagOthers
Underground Comedy Drama federalrepublicofyugoslavia france germany hungary Gennaro Corcella Top 20
Une Liaison Pornographique Drama Romance france switzerland belgium luxembourg Irina Solyanik Top 10
Une liaison pornographique drama romance france switzerland belgium luxembourg Colleen ParksDirected by Fr?d?ric Fonteyne. US title is "An Affair of Love".Others
Unmade Beds Documentary France Uk Usa Craig Brozinsky Others
Urbania Drama Thriller usa Luis Alcala Top 20
Usual Suspects, The Crime Thriller Germany Uk Usa Christopher Kam Others
Vérités et mensonges documentary france iran westgermany Ryan Ward Top 10
Va dove i porta il cuore Drama Romance france germany italy Annamaria Proksch Top 10
Vabank Comedy poland Irina Solyanik Top 10
Vanishing, The Drama Horror Mystery Thriller France Netherlands Timothy KingThe original Dutch version. This is a real slow burner. The story of a man obsessed with finding out what happened to his girlfriend, and the man behind her disappearance. The payoff in the final scene will give you chills (unless you're like my nephew, but I offered to give him a little more understanding of his own mortality).Top 20
Victor/Victoria Comedy Musical uk usa Lisa BigelowGreat family viewingTop 10
Violon rouge, Le drama romance mystery music canada italy uk Colleen ParksDirected by Francois Girard. Great movie.Top 10
   Sam Danthine Others
Virgin Suicides, The Comedy Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 10
   Annamaria Proksch Top 10
   Tige MonacelliArtsyTop 20
Visitors, The Comedy Fantasy france Stephan QuessyVery light comedyTop 20
Waiting for Guffman Comedy usa Joe ChellmanBrilliant improvised comedy from Christopher Guest and company.Top 10
   Mark Murray Top 10
Waking Life animation fantasy drama usa David Bressler Top 10
   Alexis Rosoff Top 20
Waking Ned Divine Comedy ireland uk france usa Danielle Ross Top 10
Walk In The Sun, A Drama War usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
War of the Buttons Adventure Drama japan uk france Danielle Ross Top 10
War of the Worlds, The Action Sci-Fi War usa Matthew Sheby Top 10
Watership Down Animation Drama Family Fantasy canada uk Steve Jenkins Top 10
Way of the Gun, The Crime Thriller usa Brian Magerko Top 20
We All Loved Each Other So Much Comedy italy Gennaro Corcella Top 10
Wedding Banquet, The Comedy Drama Romance taiwan usa Jessica MayeFunny movie about the interaction of different cultures and different generations in a family.Top 20
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Welcome to the Dollhouse Comedy Drama usa Jason Proksch Top 10
   Wade Blackman Top 10
West Side Story Drama Music Musical Romance Usa Joel Quamme Others
Westworld Action Sci-Fi Thriller Western usa Cornelius Weber Top 10
   Craig BrozinskyImagine the Terminator running amok in Disneyland, only without the annoying music.Others
Whale Rider Drama Family Germany Newzealand Gary Fairbanks Top 20
   Jerry CarltonUplifting. Every feminist, male and female, should see this. Others
   Colleen ParksDirected by Niko Caro. Watch it. It's good.Others
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Joel QuammeA great old bit of camp with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as rival siblings.Top 20
What Have I Done to Deserve This Comedy spain Marie Copolla Top 10
Where the Buffalo Roam Comedy usa Wade Blackman Top 10
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe Drama usa David Hirschfield Top 10
   Steve Jenkins Top 10
   Irina Solyanik Top 10
Wild at Heart Drama Romance usa Charles Couchman Top 10
Wild Bunch, The Action Drama Western usa Keith Schneider Top 10
   Hieronymous Maguire Top 20
Wild Ride, The Crime usa Damon AndersonOne of Jack Nicholson's early roles.Top 20
Wild Strawberries Drama sweden Jon PrinceArtsyTop 10
Wild Style Documentary Drama Music Usa Hieronymous Maguire Top 10
Wild Tigers I Have Known Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran Top 10
Window to Paris, A Comedy Fantasy france russia Brian Magerko Top 20
Winged Migration Documentary france Jessica MayeAbsolutely spectacular! You'll feel like you're flying. Try to ignore the cheesy soundtrack.Top 20
Wings of Desire Drama Fantasy Romance france germany westgermany Jessica MayeThe movie that 'City of Angels' was based on. The original is quiet and thoughtful, filmed mostly in black & white.Top 10
   Luis Alcala Top 10
   Timothy KingA little stilted at times, but brilliant nonetheless. an elegant & moving rumination on what it means to be human. Everything comes together here, the cinematography, the music, the poetry of the script. I even liked Peter Falk, who adds an amusing warmth to the proceedings.Top 10
   Craig Brozinsky Others
Wit drama uk usa Colleen ParksDirected by Mike Nichols. If you're not in tears by the end of this, you are a robot. A really good movie, but one that I'm not sure I'd want to watch again.Others
Wolf Man, The Drama Horror Usa Joel Quamme Others
Woman on Top Comedy Romance usa Inge-Marie Eigsti Top 10
Woman Under the Influence A Drama usa Noah BernsteinArtsyTop 10
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Comedy Drama Spain Craig BrozinskyPedro Almodovar's most absurd and amusing movie.Top 10
   Alexis RosoffFirst Almod?var film I ever saw. Top 20
Wonder Boys Comedy Drama germany japan uk usa Koleen McCrink Others
World According to Garp, The Comedy Drama Romance usa Rob HaskinsWilliams's breakout performance; Hurt, Close, and Lithgow are magnificent.Top 20
Y Tu Mama Tambien Drama Mexico Ellen Silsby Top 10
   Colleen ParksDirected by Alfonso Cuar?n.Others
Ying xiong Action Adventure Drama Romance china Matthew Sheby Top 20
YiYi Drama japan taiwan Jessica MayeA beautiful portrayal of how the various members of a family each deal with pain and loss.Top 10
Yojimbo Action Crime Drama Thriller Japan Rich Jackson Others
You Can Count on Me drama usa Colleen ParksDirected by Kenneth Lonergan.Others
Young Frankenstein Comedy usa Michael Brozinsky Top 10
Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman Action Comedy Crime Drama Japan Rich Jackson Others
Zed And Two Noughts, A Drama netherlands uk Cornelius WeberArtsy and ViolentTop 10
Zelig Comedy Documentary usa David Hirschfield Top 10
   Joe ChellmanWoody Allen mockumentary goodness.Top 10
   Sam Danthine Top 20
Zero Effect comedy thriller mystery usa Colleen ParksDirected by Jake Kasden.Top 20
   Jerry CarltonSherlock Holmes meets his match. Funny, smart, good date flick.Others
Zombie Horror Italy Rob HaskinsViolent, with repellant gore; not for the squeamish; cool Eurotrash sountrack.Others
Zulu War uk Steve JenkinsViolent/VulgarTop 10

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