Submission Guidelines

For your main recommendations, I've limited the scope to 20 movies per person and only to movies that most people haven't seen. This should keep the page useful, concise, and very usable. Given this scope, a few people have suggested that I explain exactly what constitutes a good entry to the page. Perhaps I should clarify:

I strongly encourage these kinds of films:

I tend to discourage:

Also, keep in mind that films need not be likable or quality filmmaking to get added to the site. The list contains plenty of B-movies (Glen or Glenda), many seriously offensive and vulgar films (La Grande Bouffe), and several whacked out surreal pieces (Garden of Delights).

If you'd like to sneak in more mainstream recommendations or go beyond the 20 alloted contributions per person, you do have that option. However, to keep the "Big List" short, those will only be listed on each submitter's web page. You can add as many of these movies as you want, but they won't be cross-referenced with the rest of the web site.

If you'd like to be added to the list, .